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Articles with the tag "relationship":

articleWhat makes your customers keep coming back
by Murtaza | in Business and Profession | 1513 Views
There might be so many customers that you see today but you never get to see them ever again in your business. I know how depressing this can be especially if you thought that they would come back. Every business person in Kenya knows how important it is to have customers who keep coming to your business place regularly. This is because with such customers, you can start calculating a regular stream of income depending on what items they buy each day and how much they cost. The following are som

by Brent | in Relationships | 825 Views
Which is the rat? The female that has a boyfriend and parties with four of his fiends at a bar, then goes home with one of them? Or the guy that takes her home?

by Brent | in Relationships | 561 Views
I noticed his earrings, like gymnastic rings. They were so big they tripled the size of each ear. He had holes in his ear lobes that obviously needed to be filled with something. I imagined he used those rings to hold hot dogs, the big, thick smokies, so the dog would play with him.

by Brent | in Relationships | 672 Views

by Brent | in Relationships | 1315 Views
What are a man's options when choosing a mate, friend, or long term relationship? How does a man survive the double standards and presumptions against him?

articleChange The Person You Love The Right Way
by yvhes1104 | in Relationships | 832 Views
Is trying to change the person you love a bad thing to do? Find out how you could do so in a right way.

articleFinding Love Online at 50
by yvhes1104 | in Relationships | 862 Views
Many single men and women wonder if finding love online is really possible even at the age of 50. Surprising as it is but statistics show that one of the most active age groups for online dating is the age group 35-55.

articleTwo Simple Ways How to Make a Man Want You More
by yvhes1104 | in Relationships | 988 Views
One thing most women wish they knew about is how to drive a man crazy. A woman when giving her love oftentimes gives her all and can only hope the man she loves feels exactly the same about her.

articleTrue Relationship tips
by gabbie1000 | in Relationships | 628 Views
Every true relationship can be sustained if vital tips are learned and closely implemented.

articleYour family relationship
by mjane25 | in Relationships | 834 Views
Family is important in our life because without them ,we are not people today who cares us from womb of our parents until we grow up.

article15 Signs That He's a Bad Catch
by CutestPrincess | in Relationships | 1135 Views
Something smells fishy in the relationship when your guy starts exhibiting these signs.