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Articles with the tag "love":

articleHow to make your girlfriend crazy for you once again?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 342 Views
If your girlfriend is not giving you the preference and time as she used to give, it is definitely a time for you to think about the shortcomings that has developed this kind of dullness in your relationship. You can make a comeback only if you have a strong feeling to bring the craze in the relationship once again

articleYou Can Change The World
by 2bpositive | in Relationships | 606 Views
The Answer To Tranquility In Life

articleLonging for a Relationship
by dakotawalton | in Relationships | 626 Views
You see a girl and almost instantly know there's something special about her. you're curious to know what makes her eyes sparkle, but you run into certain 'impossible' obsticals. This is my story.

articleAdventures in Online Dating - Part One
by waterfallbooks | in Relationships | 802 Views
Have you tried online dating? Are you nervous about it, or just want to know more? Learn from my experiences as I share tips and warnings about online dating!

articlePreparing for Your Date
by yvhes1104 | in Relationships | 878 Views
Are you prepared for your big night out? Make sure you are by running through below checklist.

articleChange The Person You Love The Right Way
by yvhes1104 | in Relationships | 832 Views
Is trying to change the person you love a bad thing to do? Find out how you could do so in a right way.

articleFinding Love Online at 50
by yvhes1104 | in Relationships | 862 Views
Many single men and women wonder if finding love online is really possible even at the age of 50. Surprising as it is but statistics show that one of the most active age groups for online dating is the age group 35-55.

articleTwo Simple Ways How to Make a Man Want You More
by yvhes1104 | in Relationships | 988 Views
One thing most women wish they knew about is how to drive a man crazy. A woman when giving her love oftentimes gives her all and can only hope the man she loves feels exactly the same about her.

articleUnderstanding Each Other
by Midhat | in Relationships | 539 Views
About Understanding How does it matters between relationships.

articleIs LOVE great ? If so How ?
by mworld33 | in Relationships | 1033 Views
Everyone say's love at first sight..but FIRST LOVE leaves MANY THINGS IN HEART. Am i right.

articleThe Marriage Conundrum
by splytle | in Relationships | 746 Views
Why do people get married?

by gabbie1000 | in Relationships | 848 Views
Fighting for love in relationship is important to some extent if done in a proper and decent manner.

articleMeaning of SUCCESS.
by Adedoyin33 | in Education | 3235 Views
What is the meaning of success? What is success?

articleBe An ANGEL.
by Adedoyin33 | in Science and Technology | 1049 Views
Life is cosmic joke, just keep laughing as you go...

articleCreate your destiny. And do not over work yourself.
by Adedoyin33 | in Health and Nutrition | 998 Views
YOU have the advantage over many. You know the power that you possess in the form of your mind. You know the power of thought. Use it.

articleTime management skill
by Adedoyin33 | in Business and Profession | 1125 Views
Put first things first.Do not be left out.

articleMotivation and positive thinking
by Adedoyin33 | in Education | 984 Views
it's all in your control

articleMotivation and positive thinking.
by Adedoyin33 | in Travel, Places and Culture | 1422 Views
Do not abuse that FREEDOM, don't be doomed...

articlelife drives on....
by Adedoyin33 | in Arts, Crafts and Hobbies | 984 Views
The driver may change over the years or as a result of different events. For a while, you may even nominate your physician or therapist to be the driver of your bus, perhaps even your lawyer or accountant.

articleFind a job that is your hobby, your art
by Adedoyin33 | in Education | 1378 Views
Loving the work that you do.

articleA Tool For Success.
by Adedoyin33 | in Business and Profession | 916 Views
Get Motivated to Change Your Life for the Better-One Quick Read at a Time.

articleLife is for a while
by Adedoyin33 | in Health and Nutrition | 809 Views
Motivation gives Life.

articleGet motivated,get Going.
by Adedoyin33 | in Travel, Places and Culture | 1016 Views
Sure Motivation.

by Brent | in Relationships | 1032 Views
What women want and what they claim to want

articleHealing Hearts
by Elina | in Relationships | 626 Views
Relationship advice from romance auther Elina Rawlins. Help on mending a break up.

articleOpen Secrets of Wars
by pierro99 | in Travel, Places and Culture | 928 Views
Fighting for land, their leader, friends, money, material gains, for justice or ego. The reason is not concrete enough for such purpose.

articleWhy do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
by Cashmere Lashkari | in Events and Holidays | 2076 Views
The festival of lovers has a eerie past.