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Articles with the tag "education":

articleRE dubya and "no child left behind"
by Brent | in Law and Government | 539 Views
in response to a post on craigslist rants and raves in dlc, 10/20/14. craigslist routinely refuses to post articles written from conservative/republican/republic minded citizens.

by Brent | in Law and Government | 824 Views
Education is NOT efficient. Setting aside the real measures of education, there is no gain, no goods acquired.

by Brent | in Law and Government | 726 Views
Some call it social engineering but what it really reflects is social destruction by cowards and thieves

articleEducation And Its Different Manifest Functions
by varron | in Education | 779 Views
s an agent of social placement, the educational institution act in identifying the people which are most qualified to fill the available positions in the society. It determines of whom among the people are best fitted for a position in society.

articleThe Different Manifest Functions of Education
by varron | in Education | 1017 Views
By transforming the diverse ethnic groups and religious groups of the society into one society that shares a common identity; education and the educational institution promotes the political and social integration of the society. It serves as an agent that is responsible in integrating the different factions of society into a single one that shares some common identity.

articleThe Manifest Function of Education
by varron | in Education | 1006 Views
It is because education and the educational institution identify the most possible qualified people that will fill the positions that are available in society, education is considered as one of the agent of social placement. Through education, one’s social status in the society had been identified.

articleWhat is Plagiarism and how to avoind it?
by Sirway | in Education | 713 Views
How to avoid plagiarism?

articleWhy Education Is Important
by Rabz | in Education | 1039 Views
The Importance Of Education

articleBecoming a Trained Certified Nurse Assistant
by johnwojtan | in Education | 927 Views
The candidate for the certified nurse assistant has to clear

articleSome Very Nice Techniques To Master Golfing
by johnwojtan | in Sports and Recreation | 530 Views
Many of us would like to know how to get good at golf, but the majority of folks don't get professional coaching. And, most of these individuals supplying the golfing education are terrible players on their own.

articleAdvice for Learning German
by johnwojtan | in Education | 831 Views
The goal of learning German is a noble one, but if you are new to languages, you should know that it's not easy to find the right way for you. Some people find that they learn languages best when they study on their own.

articleDBA Site
by pradyothana | in Education | 1393 Views
DBA Related

articleNumber Theory - Large number primarility test
by sithprit1 | in Education | 844 Views
In this article, I discuss how to determine a large number is prime or composite. I will use Rabin-Miller Test to quickly determine a given number is prime or composite f the number is odd.

articleMeaning of SUCCESS.
by Adedoyin33 | in Education | 3236 Views
What is the meaning of success? What is success?

articleBe An ANGEL.
by Adedoyin33 | in Science and Technology | 1050 Views
Life is cosmic joke, just keep laughing as you go...

articleCreate your destiny. And do not over work yourself.
by Adedoyin33 | in Health and Nutrition | 998 Views
YOU have the advantage over many. You know the power that you possess in the form of your mind. You know the power of thought. Use it.

articleTime management skill
by Adedoyin33 | in Business and Profession | 1125 Views
Put first things first.Do not be left out.

articleMotivation and positive thinking
by Adedoyin33 | in Education | 984 Views
it's all in your control

articlelife drives on....
by Adedoyin33 | in Arts, Crafts and Hobbies | 985 Views
The driver may change over the years or as a result of different events. For a while, you may even nominate your physician or therapist to be the driver of your bus, perhaps even your lawyer or accountant.

articleFind a job that is your hobby, your art
by Adedoyin33 | in Education | 1378 Views
Loving the work that you do.

articleA Good Education is Hard to Find
by CutestPrincess | in Education | 846 Views
A good education is hard to find, and even harder to fund.

article Pocket Money, Please
by CutestPrincess | in Money and Finance | 885 Views
If you’re a teen, you can make extra cash for the holidays or extra work experience for your future career.

articleArchitecture of FPGAs and CPLDs: A Tutorial
by arifulislam | in Education | 840 Views
Architecture of FPGAs and CPLDs: A Tutorial