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can i use infolinks text ads here (
by varron on 07 Mar 2010
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can i associate another affiliate advertising programs in my articles here such as infolinks text ads?
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Very true communication is the key to successful relationships. When communication fails disputes and differences crop up.
by taazakhabar on 01 Aug 2012
in Establishing Good Family Relations at Home

My Recent Articles

articleThe Different Classification of Sentences
by varron | in Education | 892 Views
The purpose of the exclamatory sentence is to show a sudden or strong feeling about something. In exclamatory sentence, there may be a thought, emotion or sensation behind. It is used to express judgment, sensation and to express relieve of an internal pressure and the like.

articleThe Uses of An Outline
by varron | in Education | 872 Views
Formal outline can also be used to diagnose a paper or in testing other's work. Using an outline could also be use in outlining argument, where one can be able refute some ones position by outlining the statement or argument he/she had made. Doing this will make someone to determine the mistakes of his or her opponent in the fallacies of reasons as well as the evidence’s limitations.

articleCommon Hints in Harvesting, Storing And Marketing of Fruits
by varron | in Arts, Crafts and Hobbies | 1175 Views
Different fruits have different harvesting time. Mostly, fruits are harvested in the times that the fruits are matured enough. There are certain things that need to be considered in order to determine whether the fruits are ready to be harvested. These things are the appearance or the physical characteristics of the fruits, the fruit’s color, size, as well as the shape and its taste and odor.

articleCommon Methods Use in Paragraph Development
by varron | in Education | 715 Views
In the development by comparison and contrast, the structures are so similar that readers can consider the structure as together. The most common form of comparison is analogy where the two things are being relate. In here, the writer can use comparison if the writer wants to emphasize the similarities of two or more things. On the other hand, he or she can use the contrast if he or she wants to emphasize the differences of two or more things.

articleUnity,coherence,emphasis And Topic Sentence in The Paragraph
by varron | in Education | 1374 Views
Unity means that the paragraph should be united as one. The paragraph must not only be complete on its development rather it should also be unified with its structure. It means that the topic sentence in the paragraph should be supported by all of the other sentences.

articleEstablishing Good Family Relations at Home
by varron | in Home | 1768 Views
Individual differences can be possible overcome through keeping the communication line open among the family members. It is very important to establish an open communication line with all the members of the family. Telling with the problems and thoughts to every family member will create awareness of one’s concern. Doing this can make every members be able to express their feelings, ideas sentiments and thoughts pertaining to the family matters.

articleReasons Behind Breast-Feeding And Bottle-Feeding For Infants
by varron | in Health and Nutrition | 676 Views
Milk serves as a good source of nutrients for the infants because of the milk’s nutritional value and edibility. Some experts say that milk contains more nutrients as compared to the other edible materials. Another reason is that milk is ready to be prepared as food as far as infants are concern. Milk’s for infant are readily available from the mother’s breast, while others are breast feed substitute milk, especially formulated for infants used.

articleSome Factors That Must Be Considered in Home Management
by varron | in Home | 946 Views
Family activities are one of the important factors in home management. These activities are the assigned task of every members of the family. In here, the duties and the responsibility of every members of the family should be well defined and must be cleared to all of them.

articleDecision Making As Part of Home And Business Management Aspects
by varron | in Home | 846 Views
The decisions in life might do well and could lessen or eliminates the problems encountered in ones life. Some decisions rather worsen the situation instead of resolving the issue.

articleParagraphs; Unity, Coherence, Emphasis
by varron | in Education | 844 Views
There are several logical orders in which coherence can be established. These logical orders are the spatial orders, deductive order and inductive order. Chronological order is done in such ways like narrating experiences, summarizing the steps in the process and explaining events and movements. Spatial order can be established through the arrangement of visual details in some consistent sequences such as from left to right, east to west, near or distant and vice versa. Deductive order is done b

articleMethods in Discovering a Subject in Writing
by varron | in Education | 1157 Views
In listing, the specific purpose should be list down first in the top of the page. The next to do is to list down the ideas from the mind briefly and quickly. Next is to group the ideas according to their associations or classifications that relate to the concepts of the composition. It is important to give more emphasis on the items in the list that are more appealing or create more interest, reaction and conflict. The writer should set a limit to the most interesting and important ideas to be

articleElectronic Circuits; Analog, Digital And Mixed-Signal Circuit
by varron | in Science and Technology | 803 Views
The electronic circuit is a combination of wires and several components that allows various and complex operations to be performed by electronic means. These complex operations are things like amplifying signals, computations, removal of data from one place to another and more. An electronic circuit is composed of the resistor, the transistor, the capacitor, the, inductor, the diode and the conductive wire in which the electric current flow. All of the components together with the wires are inte

articleExposition; Process And Analysis
by varron | in Education | 900 Views
In a process type of exposition, how something is done or how something is being made is being explained. In here, the explanation of the process is organized in a time sequence where the step–by-step process is presented as well as the order in which the things are performed. The process type of exposition describes things in steps or in one-two-three manner making the process of things easily followed.

articleThe Use of Formal And Extended Definition in Writing
by varron | in Education | 901 Views
There are two main types of definition namely; the logical or formal definition and the extended or informal definition. The logical and the extended definition differ from their own way and purpose.

articleThe Different Special Types of Speeches
by varron | in Education | 870 Views
In the speech of presentation such as in presenting a prize, a gift or an award, it should be stated why the presentation is being made. The speaker should also express about, the satisfaction that possibly felt by the donor of the presentation.

articleArgumentation; Claim, Support, And Warrant
by varron | in Education | 731 Views
Perhaps what is argumentation and what are its basic parts? According to Rottenberg (1988), an argumentation is often thought as a way to persuade others aiming to accept our opinions. The arguments serve as the relation or connection between the evidence that is presented and the conclusion that was reached.

articleThe Basic Types of Speeches; Informative, Evocative, Entertainment, Argumentative And Persuasive
by varron | in Education | 786 Views
The Informative Speech usually begins with a favorable attention in order to catch the interest of the listeners. It will be then followed by the classification step which will inform or clarify the listeners regarding the subject matter. The purpose of the informative speech is to impart knowledge, clarify information as well as to secure understanding.

articleSelecting The Speech Subject in Public Speaking
by varron | in Education | 731 Views
Some subjects are not interested for the audience to hear while some are interesting. A subject becomes interesting if it concerns the audience affairs, if the subject that is being discussed by the speaker is a suitable solution for a definite problem, if the subject is new and timely or if the subject has a conflict or opinion.

articlePrincipal Methods Use in Delivering a Speech
by varron | in Education | 933 Views
The impromptu method is used when somebody ask you to say a speech without preparation. This method is useful for emergencies wherein you need to speak in public without preparing for your speech. Here you can use your past knowledge, experiences and skill in speaking. Impromptu methods should be only confined with emergencies because of some risk factors that may lead to some mistakes. Since impromptu methods provide only a limited preparation, it might cause a rambling and incoherence speech.

articleMethods of Organizing a Speech
by varron | in Education | 755 Views
In organizing the discussion, the speaker should organize his or her speech as what he or she likes to deliver. He might choose what type of development the body of the speech would have; it could be narrative, expository, argumentative or descriptive. It should also be remembered that a speech has three parts namely; the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction is the part of speech that prepares the body; the body serves as the meat of the speech or the real content while th

articleMethods of Organizing a Speech
by varron | in Education | 688 Views
In organizing the discussion, the speaker should organize his or her speech as what he or she likes to deliver. He might choose what type of development the body of the speech would have; it could be narrative, expository, argumentative or descriptive. It should also be remembered that a speech has three parts namely; the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction is the part of speech that prepares the body; the body serves as the meat of the speech or the real content while th

articleDifferent Advanced Orders of Organization In Speech Development
by varron | in Education | 749 Views
In an expository type of speech, the speaker will try to explain something to the audience. One of the arrangements that could be used is the chronological order. With this the arrangement of the first thing to the last thing is being done. Deductive order is also used; with this order, the speaker reveals first his or her main topic then telling the audience the minor details, arousing curiosity and suspense before introducing the main idea.

articleThe Beginning , The Body And The End of a Composition
by varron | in Education | 704 Views
The body of the composition is located after the introduction and before the conclusion. In writing the body of the composition it should be remembered that the more space given to an idea, the more important the idea appears or presented to the reader. Even though the body accounts for all the points that are listed in the outline, it should be remembered that it does not require a full paragraph development.

articleUsing The Body in Delivering a Speech
by varron | in Education | 810 Views
A speaker should establish an eye-contact to the audience. This is important to be able to make the audience feel that they are important and the speaker is really talking to them. The speaker should focus his or her looks on the audience and not in anywhere else such as in ceiling, windows, floor, and doors or in any places. By shifting the looks in the different sides of the audience, the speaker can emphasize that he or she is talking to all of them. Doing this makes the attention of the audi

articleSimple Hints That Help Increase Self-Confidence in Public Speaking
by varron | in Education | 656 Views
The speaker should learn the sequence of idea or the order of ideas in his or her speech. The speech should be delivered in order; this is done to be able to prevent redundancy thus, making the idea united; doing this will make the speaker regain his or her poise and confidence in performing the speech.