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  • Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:27:43 -0600
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  • I am a person fond of expressing my vision which I have earned in life with the help of experiences and expertise. I love sharing my views with the people and being a part of their share of views. Being here is a good feeling and I am looking forward for a good experience on both professional and intellectual front. I have been writing for Hubpages.com for more than four years. Last year I joined another Website (Bubblews.com) and posted more than 150 small posts (not less than 400 words each),


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A good article. People have started wearing the Indian traditional dresses again. The craze for western style is going a little bit slow now. However, before going for online shopping for Indian traditional dresses, a care needs to be taken about it's quality and durability as the online shopping has proved to be less beneficial in many cases. This is based on the hundreds of complaint of consumers about the quality of fabric, its size and color etc. Thanks for sharing.
by rpadmendra on 26 Jul 2014
in Indian Ethnic Wear Trends that are here to stay

It helps the people who don't know the exact procedure of finding an ASIN on their articles. Thanks for sharing.
by rpadmendra on 25 Jul 2014
in How to Use Amazon ASIN Values on Earnwrite

A good post. Sleep has a a very important role as far as health is concerned. A person exhausted by hard work recaptures the strength after sleep. But sleeping more than required except children, pregnant women and patients is also harmful. Thanks for sharing.
by rpadmendra on 25 Jul 2014
in Sleep Better at Night

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articleWhy looking for a relation online is a Bad Idea?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 499 Views
Dating online may be a fun for every one of us, but it will always be a short time pleasure as chances are more to be cheated on. Because until we meet a person physically and verify his character, we are likely to face a setback when dating online.

articleHow can you deal with a Husband who is Over deamnding?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 453 Views
Why a marriage does fail? Why people do not leave their over demanding habits in a marriage? To make a relationship work better and last longer, both the partners need to understand and realize the perception of a marriage and should not bear any undue hardship.

articleHow to make your girlfriend crazy for you once again?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 342 Views
If your girlfriend is not giving you the preference and time as she used to give, it is definitely a time for you to think about the shortcomings that has developed this kind of dullness in your relationship. You can make a comeback only if you have a strong feeling to bring the craze in the relationship once again