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articleDecorative Splurges for Modern Style at Home
by EABarnes | in Home | 463 Views
Do you have an urge to splurge when decorating your home? Take on style splurges in home decor as a personal option for elegance. Shape your home decorating into a trendy and unforgettable look of contemporary design.Splurging on home decor is a super pastime. Go on a hunt for one unique to-die-for decorative item or a series of home accents that compliment your interior spaces in a special way. A splurge opportunity promotes artistic imagination and expression. Modernize your home with decorat

articleAmbiance in Modern Home Decor
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Could your living spaces use a big dose of modern design? The decorative element of ambiance makes rooms elegant, refreshing and unique. Ambiance at home is a loving treat for modern decorating.

articleThe Power of a Good Word
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A good word can be a personal truth that you need to hear. Or it is an answer to perplexing situations. Positive words boost your emotions and motivate you to reach personal goals.

articleModern Style with Decorative Textures
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Texture in home decor is an option for a modern look. Apply personal style, comfortable ambiance and design with unique textures. Create great layers of home decor with the power of elegant textures.  

articleCoastal Inspired Decorating
by EABarnes | in Home | 496 Views
Coastal style decorating is room spaces that are casual, inviting, airy and relaxing. It captures the feeling of a coastline, seaside or nautical theme. There are understated color tones and furnishings with relaxed sophistication in coastal interiors.

articleDecorative Art for Modern Living
by EABarnes | in Home | 540 Views
Give your home an uplifting change with decorative art. Make artwork a style feature with a personal gallery. Unique art objects and art paintings are great for coordinating personal design themes in a modern home.  

articleRetreat Style in a Modern Home
by EABarnes | in Home | 581 Views
Turn your whole dwelling or your personal cave into a modern luxury retreat. Make a bedroom a cozy spot for rest and tranquility. Change a bathroom into a contemporary spa. Modify a basement space for decorative style meant for exclusive pampering.

articleA Modern Home Update with Personal Style
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Personalize your home interior with tasteful accents and elegant accessories. Change your rooms with stylish ideas and modern elegance.

articleA Modern Style Edge in Home Decorating
by EABarnes | in Home | 981 Views
A modern style edge in home decorating is your creative inspiration for personal spaces. Style your home surroundings for a luxury-inspired mood, sophistication and modern comfort.

articleDecorative Style for Your Attic
by EABarnes | in Home | 711 Views
Refresh the look and style of an attic with the relaxing tone of ambiance and the elegance of decorative finishes. Use a spacious attic as a home office or an updated den.

articleModern Impact in a Small Space
by EABarnes | in Home | 563 Views
Adapt a small space for functionality and style. Get creative with decorative furnishings and home organizers for a beautiful, comfortable small space.

articleElegant Finishes in Modern Decorating
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Decoratively apply the design details of decorative finishes to create a seamless flow in your living spaces. Beautiful finishes are the ingredients of design that enhance style strength,impact and focus in home decor.

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Great drapery styles are available to update a casual or formal interior decor. Give your rooms plenty of style, color, flair and personality with elegant window treatments.