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articleThe Anticipation of the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ
by homeandauto | in Religion | 713 Views
Jesus Christ, the much anticipated Savior of the world, was prophesied and revered by many before his birth. Prophets who knew of his coming longed to see it and testified of him and his role.

articleThe Power of a Good Word
by EABarnes | in Religion | 1027 Views
A good word can be a personal truth that you need to hear. Or it is an answer to perplexing situations. Positive words boost your emotions and motivate you to reach personal goals.

articleWorking with Worries and Stress
by iidob | in Religion | 1148 Views
Its speaks about how to redeem from stress

by Brent | in Religion | 1279 Views
Isn’t it interesting how the Christmas spirit coincides with Christmas advertizing, Christmas shopping, Christmas caroling, and Christmas giving?

articleImportance of Hanuman in the modern management Context
by taazakhabar | in Religion | 2668 Views
As the foremost deity in KalYuga, Hanuman seems to be present everywhere from the in street-corner temples to colorful posters on the walls of dhabbas and from dashboards of motor vehicles to comic books, advertisements, TV serials and Films. If the growing popularity of Hanuman is an indication, then he is indeed an upwardly mobile deity with an evergreen fan following in India and abroad.

articleIslamic green belt to engulf India
by taazakhabar | in Religion | 3196 Views
Muslims today, account for 20 percent of the world's population, next only to the Christians who comprise about 30 percent of the world population. And if the current trends continue, the world would have many more i.e. 30 percent Muslims, just 25 percent Christians and even lesser Hindus by the year 2025.

articleIs Krishna Really God?
by taazakhabar | in Religion | 774 Views
Lord Krishna is playful, mischievous and naughty. He doesn’t even mind when his devotees call him natkhat or makhan chor like you would do to a child or friend next door. But still there are many people for instance in North East India who refuse to acknowledge Lord Krishna as God. For this very reason there are not many Krishna temples in North East India.

articleA Practical Path to Salvation as Shown by Jesus
by vaporrubber | in Religion | 918 Views
Practical faith as demonstrated by Jesus.

articleHow to do good deeds
by aakansha | in Religion | 874 Views
It pays to do good.

articleJesus Created One Religion
by BillPeters | in Religion | 842 Views
The story of our life begins even before the earth was made, possibly over five billion years ago. We are not just a physical body, but more important we are a spirit destined to live forever. Our life began when God created our spirit. We are alive right now on earth, but we will die, it's inescapable. When we die we leave our body behind to rot and turn to dust. But, our spirit still lives somewhere, either in Heaven with God or Satan in Hell. The choice is ours to make when we have a chance.

articleWe all sinners in this world.
by mjane25 | in Religion | 792 Views
The Bible speaks that we are all sinners ,and cannot perfect our works every day because we all sinned against God

articleBelieving the Lord Jesus shall be saved.
by mjane25 | in Religion | 1012 Views
You can be saved through the Lord Jesus Christ and not your own works.

by mahmud4show | in Religion | 843 Views
This article i s all about the islamic concept of the benefits of honey.

articleLaw of Attraction and Angel Therapy
by Cashmere Lashkari | in Religion | 844 Views
Law of Attraction and Angel Therapy have a whole lot on common. Essentially both get you to think your life better.

articleKeep The FAITH!!!
by AllanteWilliams | in Religion | 1425 Views
This is an article I wrote telling about how atheism usually leads to firm believers in God losing their faith.

articleAre You Really Success ?
by ashircoolrock | in Religion | 916 Views

articleMakeover: Your Soul
by CutestPrincess | in Religion | 1476 Views
There’s powder for your face, gloss for your lips and blush for your cheeks. It’s the traditional way to glow. But here are some tips to keep you glowing inside as well as out.