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articleTips On How to Use Tarot Cards for Love Advice
by tarotgyan | in Relationships | 918 Views
Most beginners are attracted to the tarot when they start thinking about their future; in particular, their future in love. There are so many tarot entrepreneurs who made their fortune by giving advice to individuals (often women) who want to know if they are likely to meet their soul mate in the near future. If you want advice on love, a love tarot card reading can provide just the answer you need!

articleWedding Venues In Summer
by majesticeventindia | in Relationships | 610 Views
A wedding ceremony that is sacred and exceptional for the wedding couple and additionally their visitors. To have the capacity to make the wedding service more memorable and uncommon for everybody, the wedding couple ought to have the capacity to choose the right wedding venue for their wedding. There are numerous wedding venues to look over and it will rely on upon the wedding couple what kind of environment they need and what inclination they'd need to set.

articleWhat is Relation Between Flowers And You
by fnujitendra5 | in Relationships | 1167 Views
The attractiveness and beauty of flowers are unanimously acknowledged. There has been a strong relationship between humans and flowers since times unknown. They have been used as decoration, ornaments and as the simplest idea to express love, care and an array of emotions.

articleWhy looking for a relation online is a Bad Idea?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 499 Views
Dating online may be a fun for every one of us, but it will always be a short time pleasure as chances are more to be cheated on. Because until we meet a person physically and verify his character, we are likely to face a setback when dating online.

articleHow can you deal with a Husband who is Over deamnding?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 453 Views
Why a marriage does fail? Why people do not leave their over demanding habits in a marriage? To make a relationship work better and last longer, both the partners need to understand and realize the perception of a marriage and should not bear any undue hardship.

articleHow to make your girlfriend crazy for you once again?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 342 Views
If your girlfriend is not giving you the preference and time as she used to give, it is definitely a time for you to think about the shortcomings that has developed this kind of dullness in your relationship. You can make a comeback only if you have a strong feeling to bring the craze in the relationship once again

articleHow to Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship?
by fashionequation | in Relationships | 774 Views
Read up ways to bring back romance in your relationship.

articleBringing back the lost spark in your relationship
by fashionequation | in Relationships | 877 Views
Rekindling the spark in your relationship.

articleValentine’s Day Jewellery For your Girlfriend
by fashionequation | in Relationships | 1140 Views
Learn about the best gifts for Valentine's Day.

by Brent | in Relationships | 914 Views
I pulled this title from a post on Craigslist in response to the original post, with the same title. The answer is so simple, and tragic.

articleYou Can Change The World
by 2bpositive | in Relationships | 606 Views
The Answer To Tranquility In Life

articleOBSERVATIONS, CRAIGSLIST RESPONSE TO, “how do I know if she is cheating”, 3.5.13
by Brent | in Relationships | 1052 Views
My response: How does anyone know anyone is cheating? You follow them.

by Brent | in Relationships | 825 Views
Which is the rat? The female that has a boyfriend and parties with four of his fiends at a bar, then goes home with one of them? Or the guy that takes her home?

articleLonging for a Relationship
by dakotawalton | in Relationships | 626 Views
You see a girl and almost instantly know there's something special about her. you're curious to know what makes her eyes sparkle, but you run into certain 'impossible' obsticals. This is my story.

articleheroes of country are not given longliving life
by PreethiAshokan | in Relationships | 709 Views
hands of people of a country are in food because of people who fight to save their people at their country borders.Their death is a sacrifice and prestige to the country but the family of that warrior needs years to recover from the pain of the warrior's absence.

by Brent | in Relationships | 531 Views
We, the People, by safe rebellion of style and non-accomplishment, attempt to retain some identity apart from the politico’s and media’s stereotypes and top-down class warfare. This non accomplishment has characteristics that magically acquire credence amongst so many. Of course sloppy, dirty, ignorant behavior is reinforced, even if it is a rich copy-cat.

by Brent | in Relationships | 619 Views
She was friendly like she was the week before and she seemed to want to pick up where we left off last week when she left to spend time with the two other guys. That wasn’t going to fly for either of us.

by Brent | in Relationships | 561 Views
I noticed his earrings, like gymnastic rings. They were so big they tripled the size of each ear. He had holes in his ear lobes that obviously needed to be filled with something. I imagined he used those rings to hold hot dogs, the big, thick smokies, so the dog would play with him.

by Brent | in Relationships | 672 Views

by Brent | in Relationships | 780 Views

by Brent | in Relationships | 616 Views
relationships between cats and dogs is often strained. Why?

articleHuman Development- the challenges
by taazakhabar | in Relationships | 725 Views
It’s often been argued that the ultimate objective of life is not about acquiring and accumulating commodities or financial wealth but something else… The process of development, in any society, should be viewed in terms of the benefits and opportunities that it generates for the average human being and how fairly and evenly the fruits of development are ultimately distributed

by Brent | in Relationships | 1315 Views
What are a man's options when choosing a mate, friend, or long term relationship? How does a man survive the double standards and presumptions against him?

articleLet think of somethings
by aryanseccond | in Relationships | 549 Views
think before doing somethings

articleFive comical Love Poems
by bharatdesai | in Relationships | 620 Views
When most people think of love poems, serious and soulful expressions of passion they think. Shakespeare or romantic poems by Browning and Lord Byron are ideal for the long love poem sonnets.