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articleHoning your cooking skills at hobby classes
by quikrarticles | in Food | 1879 Views
Read about different cooking classes to hone your culinary schools.

article Growth of the Hospitality Industry in Kolkata
by quikrarticles | in Food | 1740 Views
Read up about the corporate catering jobs available in Kolkata.

article Kolkata- Food and its myriad services
by quikrarticles | in Food | 1391 Views
This article talks of the local food in Kolkata and food catering services.

articleTop five Indian dishes to make and taste
by express | in Food | 1135 Views
Here comes the best five Indian dishes for you....

articleGood for the economy us v/s them?
by taazakhabar | in Food | 943 Views
“Do poor people and developing countries really benefit from international trade? What is the impact of initiatives like ‘ethical trade’ and ‘fair trade’ on the imbalance of power, wealth and influence between and within countries? We live in a rich man’s world where the top fifth of the world’s people -- in the richest countries control 82% of the export trade, while the bottom fifth have to be content with less than 1%. The current trade practices are really unfair and skewed in

articleAll's fair in wine and war?
by taazakhabar | in Food | 1017 Views
Surprisingly the level of the playing field and the perceptions begin to change once the seller becomes a buyer or both. Should we say all's fair in trade and war.

articleIndia EU Stand Off on Wine
by taazakhabar | in Food | 830 Views
Import duty on wines and spirits has been a long-standing issue between EU and India.

articleWhat's Fair or Unfair in an Unjust World?
by taazakhabar | in Food | 772 Views
The next generation wars will not be fought with guns and warships -- but prices will do the job more effectively.

articleIs your child healthy?
by PreethiAshokan | in Food | 1945 Views
Eating healthy food is very much important.Children health are spoiled to the core today.Can we give back them their immunity?.Every parent should be sharp eyed to this condition of children.

articleCoffee Products for Free if you Know How
by RAkib | in Food | 922 Views
Are you aware that you can find coffee products and connected coffee products for nothing? read on and find out how, that is the good news, the bad news is that if you require specific merchandise such as coffee gift packs or artistic coffee mugs then you are may not be so lucky. Quite simply a large number of food and drink firms and coffee makers give their products away for free via competitions and prize draws, the sad truth is the chances of obtaining the particular coffee items you need ar

articleMy Very Own Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe
by yvhes1104 | in Food | 4137 Views
Lumpia, which is a famous Filipino dish, is a spring roll that is deep-fried like a wrapped stick of meat. Lumpia is filled with ground or finely minced pork, beef or vegetables (lumpi vegetable) then served with variety of sauce, and the most popular one is vinegar with chili. One variety of lumpia that I like is lumpia shanghai (meat).

articleDutch Oven Cooking Basics
by homeandauto | in Food | 3934 Views
Dutch Oven Cooking Basics provides information on dutch ovens, dutch oven care, and resources.

articleUsing Dried Apples for Cooking, Snacks and Storage
by homeandauto | in Food | 8910 Views
Dried apples are great for food storage, cooking, healthy snacks and making applesauce.

articleHow to Use a Food Storage Calculator to Find Your Food Storage Needs and Nutritional Value
by homeandauto | in Food | 2314 Views
How to use a food storage calculator to start your food storage program.