The Internet Monitoring Software That Can Save Your Child

I was searching for something to ease my worries about my son's internet surfing, I found something called internet monitoring software

johnwojtan | 18 Jan 2012
Revised 18 Jan 2012

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I have a little boy who is growing up in a completely different environment than I ever did. When I was his age, we didn't have the World Wide Web and the mass amount of information at my fingertips. So, I would play outside a lot with the neighborhood kids. And no matter how much I try to tell him that it is important to still play outside, he still wants to always go on the internet. He can never get enough of the enormous amounts of information that is readily available to him via his computer.

The exposure my son has to the outside world frightens me because it can be very dangerous if not monitored properly. There are many things out there that can make a harmful impression on him like child predators, manipulative organizations, and social media groups. Because of this, I worry about his safety because he is everything to me. I would do anything to protect him.

Until one day, as I was searching for something to ease my worries about my son's internet surfing, I found something called internet monitoring software on a self defense weapons website. They seemed to be a legitimate website and they even had a blog where I can remain up to date on news and user reviews of their large variety of home and safety products.

So I continued to look up information about this software, and I found out that it is pretty successful and users seems to be very satisfied with the product. This software, after it is installed, has the capability to track everything my son types, every website he visits, and how long he has been online. It even has a capability to take screen shots of the computer at any frequency I set, and it the programs can restart itself if it is ever shut down. But more importantly, my son would not even know it is installed and that I am monitoring his internet usage.

I love my little boy very much and I do not want to limit how much he learns. However, I do want to protect him the best way I can. I am his mother, and my job is to protect him no matter what it takes. And with this software, I will be able to see if someone is trying to harm him. So, after I saw the effectiveness of this software, I decided to purchase it. I have never felt safer than I do now that I have the internet monitoring software installed on my son's computer.

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Comments (6):

Rating: 4294967295 Up Down Flaghomeandautohomeandauto said... on Wed, 18 Jan 2012 21:09
What is the name of the software you purchased? I like your article, it is well written and a good review of the application.

Rating: 4294967295 Up Down Flagjohnwojtanjohnwojtan said... on Thu, 19 Jan 2012 12:50
Thank you, will bring you to the page. Software name is IntelliSpy Computer Activity Tracking Software

Rating: 0 Up Down Flagfindhispornfindhisporn said... on Tue, 24 Jan 2012 13:09
I have a 12-year-old son who is extremely computer savvy and I would like to prevent him from downloading porn on his laptop. Do you have any recommendations for Internet monitoring software that will prevent this, or at least prevent it as much is possible?

Rating: 4294967294 Up Down Flagjohnwojtanjohnwojtan said... on Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:25
There are specific software brands available that allow parents the opportunity to block access to inappropriate sites. When your children try to visit pornographic sites, a page will instead appear, letting them know their access has been blocked due to adult content or language. Install a password-protecting program on your computer. This works This link has plenty of protection software on the subject at hand.

Rating: 4294967295 Up Down FlagObserverObserver said... on Wed, 11 Apr 2012 20:25
John,What will save your son is your love and respect and communication and the examples you show him with *your* behavior. Do you truly want to demonstrate that his father is one secretly spying on him? The message--spoken or not--you are sending to your son is this: his own father does not trust him, his own father cannot sit down and tell his son his own feelings and fears, but instead spies secretly upon him. Learn to talk from your heart to his or you will have make much grief.

Rating: 0 Up Down Flagjohnwojtanjohnwojtan said... on Fri, 13 Apr 2012 21:57
sorry you think you know the Love i show my children Next time i need lotto numbers i'll write an article on that

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