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All about brief history, types and revolution of automobiles

Amitabh | 15 Nov 2014
Revised 15 Nov 2014

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In 1769, the first steam powered automobile capable of human transportation

was built by Nicolas Cugnot In 1807, Francois de Rivaz designed the first car

powered by an internal combustion engine fueled by hydrogen.

The first petrol powered automobile was invented by Karl Benz in 1886. The

original cost of that car was $1000.

Automobile Manufacturers like BMW, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, GM, and Ford Motors are the

largest in the world in terms of quantity produced. Honda and Toyota and GM are the biggest

sellers in the world.

Among the luxurious cars Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen, and Audi

are the best and these manufacturers belong to Germany. British automobiles

are well known for super luxury. Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar and Rolls Royce

are good examples of British companies Maybach is also one of best super

luxurious car manufacturer from Germany . American cars are known for their

toughness and power-cars with very tough body and most powerful engines means they are known for

their torque and horsepower. Italian automobile producers manufacture high

speed cars meant for racing. Good illustrative examples are Ferrari,

Lamborghini, and Veyron.

Now a days most of the automobile companies have diversified its products and

they have also classified into various types for example-




Sport Utility Vehicle SUV

Multi Utility Vehicle

Truck and Buses

It is because there are numerous kinds and categories of customers having

large number of preferences and demand for cars have become very high since

2001 across the world.

The fleet of cars is highest in United States, China and India. In India, Delhi

has maximum fleet of cars among all major cites of India like Mumbai,

Calcutta and Madras put together. Delhi has highest level of pollution because

the number of vehicles is very high.

Best Sedans of the world-

Accord Hybrid by Honda

Avalon by Toyota

C 250 by Mercedes Benz

5 and 7Series by BMW

Sunny by Nissan

A8 By Audi

RR Ghost by Rolls Royce


Charger and Challenger (muscle cars) by Dodge

Mini Coupe by BMW

Best Sport Utility Vehicles of the world

Range Rover by Land Rover

X6 by BMW

Fortuner by Toyota

Outlander by Mitsubishi

Touareg Hybrid by Volkswagen

Best Multi Utility Vehicles of world

Honda Odyssey

Toyota Innova (in India)

Best economy cars of the world

Tata Zest -sedan

Volkswagen Polo -hatchback

Tata Safari Storm -SUV

Hyundai i20 -hatchback

Hybrid Cars

The word ‘hybrid’ means combination. Hybrid cars run on both fuel and energy.

Fuel can be either petrol or diesel and energy can be solar or electricity.

Hybrid vehicles are environmental friendly, fuel cost saving, and at the same

time they are very expensive also because of latest technology.

When it comes to brand BMW, Jaguar and Audi are the best as they have

market reputation across the globe. Among these brands BMW has got the

largest market share in luxury car segment. Most of Honda and Toyota vehicles

have good reputation in economy car market.

Concept cars

‘Concept car’ is a car made to showcase new styling and new technology. It is

also known as ‘prototype’. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge

customer reaction to new and radical design which may or may not be mass

produced. The best concept car ever built is BMW i8.

The quality of the automobile and addition of features rely on the technology of

the automobile. Technology advances with the passage of time and there is

no end to any technology.

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