How to Use Amazon ASIN Values on Earnwrite, a large online retailer allows you to make income through their affiliate program. This article will show you how to link specific items on to your articles

earnwrite | 06 Apr 2011
Revised 17 Sep 2016

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Amazon Affiliate Program

What is Amazon's ASIN Number?

The Amazon ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a proprietary numbering system used by to uniquely identify products on their websites. 

Similar to the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for books, the ASIN value is used to uniquely identify products on the Amazon website.  Books that already have an ISBN will use this ISBN as the ASIN value, for other products amazon creates a new unique ASIN value.

How to Use ASIN Values at

At Earnwrite, you may associate several ASIN values with each of your articles.  This allows you to associate each article with specific products on  The products you associate with your articles will be shown beside your article as products you recommend.

We encourage you to use ASIN values in your articles and discuss the products in your article so that you can generate extra revenue by getting affiliate commissions through sales at    You should be cautious about recommending a product if you are not familiar with it in the event a product turns out not not be favorable

If you choose to not associate ASIN values with your articles, the tags for your articles will be used to search for related products from Amazon to display.  The results will generally not be as specifically catered to your article as if you had chosen related ASIN values.

How to Find and Use ASIN Values

To earn income from, you will need to sign up as an Amazon Associate.  Once you are an associate you can use a variety to tools provided by Amazon to create links to product pages.  Your links contain two important values, your Tracking ID and the ASIN.

Your tracking id should be entered into your Earnwrite profile. You can find your tracking id by logging in to Amazon's assocates website, your tracking id will appear on the page.

The ASIN can be more difficult to find - once you have identified a product you would like to list, you can find the ASIN in your browsers address bar when you are on the product page.  You can also get the ASIN by using the associate's tools to create a link to a product and copying the ASIN from the html code.  You can associate several products with an article by entering multiple ASINs separated by commas.


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