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  • Ray Washindkar, Digital Marketing enthusiast, now a freelancer. Technology and gadget freak, especially mobile phones and electronic gadgets. Learn more about the technological world and get to know about offers at my blog - “Smart Gadgets India”.


articleThe newest and most powerful Chromebook on the block!
by RayWashindkar | in Computers and Internet | 762 Views
If you look at it in that manner, the simplest computing devices available these days are nothing but Chromebooks but manufacturers have had to deal with multiple challenges with regard to their design and development. The ideal Chromebook in this case is powerful, speedy, sturdily built and most importantly inexpensive. Chromebooks can usually go through an entire day without the need for any charge. However, many companies have burnt their fingers in this segment with multiple products biting

articleHow To Buy Used Mobile Phones Easily
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 1231 Views
Used mobile phones are not easy to purchase in today’s times. A thriving grey market exists, making it difficult to identify a top notch, high quality cell phone that fits all your needs.

articleSmartphones With Jellybean Under INR 10000
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 1551 Views
Most people want to own the latest gadgets available in the market. However, the latest gadgets are also quite expensive which is why they are out of the reach of most people. There are some companies which are trying to bring the latest technology to the masses at an affordable price.

articleCDMA and GSM Handsets
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 1241 Views
GSM and CDMA are the two common technologies of cell phones used in the present day mobile industry. There has always been a debate amongst mobile users about which technology is better to use when it comes to choosing between a CDMA and GSM cellphone.

articleInstalling Wireless Door Intercom in Homes
by RayWashindkar | in Home | 701 Views
As crimes and mishaps are increasing with each passing day, there is great possibility of being insecure even within the premises of your home.When someone comes to your house, having a peephole viewer may not always seem sufficient, because with a peephole, you can only see the person standing on the other side.

articlePoint and Shoot Cameras and DSLRs - Which One to Pick?
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 985 Views
Photography has gripped a large part of the population and social networking websites have a large contribution to it. Most people click photos, edit them on Picasa to add brightness or increase the sharpness of the photograph to make it appear warm and then upload it on Facebook.

articleKeeping Your Office Protected From Intruders
by RayWashindkar | in Business and Profession | 480 Views
You need to keep your office protected at all times of the day. It is a storehouse of important documents, money and other expensive items. Since many people visit an office, pinpointing an offence that has been committed is quite difficult.

articleEssentials of a Well Set-Up Office
by RayWashindkar | in Business and Profession | 590 Views
An office is a place where people go to work and for working efficiently, you need to have everything organized. From a well-stocked canteen or pantry to working photocopying machines, everything needs to be there. Your office should be such that your employees do not need to run outside to get stationaries.

articleBudget Smartphones 2013
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 536 Views
The abundance of smartphones in the market can be overwhelming and also confusing when you’re planning to buy one. Selecting the right smartphone for you can be determined by a number of factors like budget, phone specifications, size etc. The following are a list of some budget smartphones currently popular in the market.

articleStaying Connected With Your Friends Through Your Smartphones
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 706 Views
There is no denying the importance of a smart phone in today’s era. Smart phones are used by everyone, right from school students to retired personnel. Smartphones allow you to stay in touch with friends and family, sort out work issues and relax yourself.

articleBuying a Printer For Office Use
by RayWashindkar | in Business and Profession | 489 Views
Offices need to have printers so that they can print documents as and when needed. If you do not have a printer in office, then you will face a lot of trouble because you will have to keep going out to get stuffs printed. It would be quite time consuming and you will have to hire a subordinate to do the job.

articleBuy An Inverter As An Alternative Power Source
by RayWashindkar | in Home | 589 Views
Nothing can be a more galling experience than to face a power cut when you have something really important at your disposal. The sudden breakdown of power makes you feel that you are in Stone Age.The solution for this sorry state is to resort to alternative sources of power that will support all the electrical equipment, be it in your home or office.

articleBuy Used Mobile Phones With Elan
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 547 Views
It is impossible to imagine life without a mobile phone. A mobile phone is a value addition to any individual. You can easily buy a mobile phone nowadays. However, there has been a strong division between feature mobile phones and smartphones.