Getting Personalized Gifts Made For your Friends, Colleagues and Family

Most of us tend to buy something from the local gift stores in a hurry when we have to go to a birthday party. However, these gifts lack a personal touch and hence are not memorable to the person you are gifting it to.

PratyushKhanvilkar | 28 Nov 2013
Revised 28 Nov 2013

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Most of us tend to buy something from the local gift stores in a hurry when we have to go to a birthday party. However, these gifts lack a personal touch and hence are not memorable to the person you are gifting it to. To make your gift memorable, you can now give a personal message on your gift or print a picture of the two of you. There are many shops and photo printing presses that print photos on t-shirts, pillows and glass paper weights and key chains. If you do not have a photo of the person with you, they will help you to download it from Facebook or your Picassa Web Album. You can also get a photo clicked at the store and use it.

Printing services that are offered

These stores have t-shirts, pillow cases, coffee mugs, glass key chains and paper weight in their stock. All you need to do is give your photo and select the medium on which you want the printing to be done. The photo will be edited before being printed on your chosen medium. Some of them also have templates which bear personal messages and you can select one of them to go with your photograph.

Not only can you get photographs printed, you can also get engravings done on wooden placards and ceramic tiles. These are innovative ways of writing a name plate and even personal messages. Table clocks and wall clocks can also be printed upon with an image.

Photo printing on coffee mugs, clocks and tee-shirts do not take much time as they are done in the store. It will hardly take an hour to get it done. However, engraving wooden placards will take a day or two as it needs to be done in a special workshop.

The finishing of these products is really good and they are quite reasonable. For getting a mug printed, it would cost you around Rs 350/- only.

Items of use for Corporates and Institutions

During office conferences pens, diaries and folders need to be given out with the company’s name written. Sometimes glass mementos in gift bags made of paper are also given out to the participants in a conference. These printing jobs of Gifts & Stationary are also handled by these specialized printers.

Outgoing batches of schools and colleges may want to get a batch t-shirt printed. Students simply need to give these companies the designs that they want printed and it will be done for them. Since the orders will be placed in bulk, good discounts will be offered.

Finding the right printer

These printing services are offered all over Hyderabad. Good printers have their set-ups in Dilsukh Nagar and Bowenpally. You can now find the printer that offers the best service at the lowest price in free Gifts & Stationary Ads in classifieds online. Printers usually list their service on this popular online classifieds website along with contact information. You need not pay anything for browsing through the website.

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