IPL3: The Fever is On!

T20 IPL has managed to generate the pace which the game lacked and was considered to be an 8 hour long affair. Will this pace survive.......

payaljain | 22 Mar 2010
Revised 22 Mar 2010

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What can I say, these 3 letters ‘I’ ‘P’ ‘L’ says it all. Iam not technically Expert in cricket (I may call myself Technical Intermediate) but Iam a huge huge fan of this game and this format in particular. Imagination has certainly no limits. 

When people started getting involved in their own hectic schedules, when there was limited viewing scope amidst long office hours, unlimited internet connectivity, out came T20 format, as refreshing, as a cup a of Early Morning Ginger Tea. As the saying goes, it’s the age of pace and each second counts, cricket was not to be left and remembered as ‘Once upon a time’ game. With T20, out came our Indians thoughts of creation and making the most attitudes and thus came IPL (Indian Premier League). 

I would not delve into whom, what and where; I basically want to share with you the kind of euphoria, the kind of passion, the kind of patriotism that has erupted out of this IPL. It has been 2 years now and IPL3 is in progression and well we all know what is going on. An Indian Cricket Fan like me who prays till the last ball, found myself cheering for my favorite IPL team, inspite of the fact that the Indian Team is spread over all the IPL teams and not just one. I am cheering for the players whom I considered the rivals of the Indian Cricket Team during international Tournaments.

Yesterday only I was watching the match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab, and what a match. The game went on to the Super Over where the bruised Punjab Team clenched the Solo Victory of all the 4 matches it has played. For the first time, on screen I could see the live spectators praying for the teams! Sentiments personified!! With each match adding its on zing to the tournament, I bet there would be any nails left to chew in the finals. 

IPL has created something for which India is famous for, SPICE (in hindi we call them as ‘MASALA’). The international blend, the chance given to young talents, the combination of awards (DLF Maximum Six, Karbon Kamal Catch etc.) gives the required flavor. Such is the format of this beautiful game. This mix was well called for as, not only the cricketers, but also us, as the viewers, got an opportunity to understand and respect cricketers from across the globe. The cricketers got a chance to show that their souls are in the game and in the team for which they play, it is not demarcated by any country or barriers. 

On this cricsentimental note I again would like to keep the thought process open and invite you to comment, will this T20/IPL survive the race and not wear out due to the pace at which its going……………

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