Music System Buying Parameters for an Audiophile

Read up about how to buy the best home theatre system for yourself!

quikrarticles | 23 Sep 2013
Revised 23 Sep 2013

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Determining factors of a good music system: A good music or stereo system as it is known can have several components that include the speakers, receivers, amplifiers. A good listening room if you’re an avid music fan and the right places to position the speakers will enhance your experience. In order to recognise a good music system, one must have good knowledge of acoustics. It is the acoustic quality of the speakers and the listening room setup that eventually determines how good your music system shall turn out to be. The placing of the speakers helps optimize sound quality which is why it is advisable to check the manual and performance details of the music system you desire to purchase. 

Nowadays a wide variety of music systems are available which can leave a novice to this field pretty confused.  Some music systems come with all its components including the speakers, receivers and amplifiers but otherwise it may be purchased separately as well.

Decide what you want: Knowing one’s desired features before purchasing any item is one of the foremost determining factors while buying anything; the same applies for a music system. You may not be a good acoustic judge so you can describe your wants to friend or colleague who knows about this stuff and ask for his or her advice. Ask around, do some research, decide what you like and then go ahead to look for options within your like factors and budget as well. If you still feel lost, try asking yourself some of these questions: how often do you listen to music and for what purpose? Is it only as a pastime or a part of your vocation? How do you want to use your music system? Do you want to restrict it to music only or also play DVDs, video games, movies etc.? Do you want to create a home theatre? What is your budget?
Some of these questions should help you create a rough idea of the kind of music system you might want to be looking for.

Where to buy music systems in Chennai: Chennai Music systems-home theatre can be availed of reputed brands such as Yamaha, Bose, Sony, Philips etc. can be availed from any electronic and gadgets shops at malls or from places such as Watts n Sounds, Max Electronics, Audio Hawk, Volumate etc.

Buy Music systems online: Online shopping is a great alternative if you’re unable to spend time looking for shops or want to avoid the hassle of having to visit them physically. Shopping online for Chennai electronics and technology has become popular among the city people as they can avail of special deals and discounts. Some even offer the option of buying second hand products, especially if you’re tight on budget and want to spend a little sum. Mumbai based online community; Quikr is one such website that provides you with such advantage where you can post free classifieds for your desired music or home theatre system. Those wanting to sell off their music system and home theatre components can do the same thus serving to bring together buyers and sellers though this community.

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