Choosing Between a DSLR and Digital Camera

Know the differences between DSLRs and digicams

quikrarticles | 26 Sep 2013
Revised 26 Sep 2013

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Nowadays most cameras that are available in the market are digitalized. They contain an LCD screen, roughly 3” in size so that you can check the image that you are clicking before pressing the shutter button. If you are thinking of buying a new camera and are confused whether to buy a DSLR or a point and shoot digital camera, referred to as digicams, then you need to read through.

There are many differences between DSLRs and point and shoot cameras in terms of physical appearance and quality of images taken. DSLRs are usually bulky, in the range of 500g while a point and shoot camera hardly weights more than 100-150 g. Moreover, the sizes are much different. DSLRs are bulky because of the large lenses attached. The lenses can be removed in a DSLR while that cannot be done in a point and shoot camera. Lastly, a DSLR is provided with a view finder that helps to adjust the frame of the photograph. In point and shoot cameras, this is not provided and you need to solely rely on the LCD screen provided for clicking pictures.

The difference in the quality of images arises between a DSLR and point and shoot camera because of image sensors used in the two devices. The image sensors used in a point and shoot camera are small and hence the pixels are less and they cannot capture too many photons at a time. This makes the image appear noisier or grainier. In a DSLR, the image sensor used is much large which makes the pictures appear less pixelated.

The zoom provided in a point and shoot camera is not much. If you intend to buy a point and shoot camera, then you should check for the optical zoom instead of the digital zoom because it allows you to zoom much into the subject. In digital single lens reflex cameras, you can attach different lenses to get a perfect shot. Moreover, a reflecting mirror is provided which allows you to view what you are clicking. This feature is absent from a point and shoot camera.

There are positives and negatives to both the devices and you need to choose yours according to the purpose to which you are going to put the Delhi cameras-digicams to use. If the camera is to click photographs of family gatherings then it is best to go with a point and shoot camera. The automatic settings and easy operations will not let you miss a single precious moment. But if you are willing to dabble in serious photography where you are going to spend a few minutes deciding the frame and light before clicking a subject, then you should buy a DSLR. It is better to choose a DSLR if you have some experience in photography.

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