What to Know When Adopting a Pet Dog

Know all that you need to about adopting a dog.

quikrarticles | 27 Sep 2013
Revised 27 Sep 2013

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Increase in stray dogs: Of late, there has been reported a rise in the number of stray dogs on the streets of Mumbai, partly owing to the fact that there are more number of stray dogs than families wanting to adopt them. Many people also want to try adopting pets from breeders and pet adoption homes thinking it will be exciting. They don’t think of the responsibilities they are undertaking by adopting a pet and how important it is to take care of their well-being both physically and mentally. The worst thing that can happen is when these people simply abandon their pets mercilessly not thinking of the consequences of the poor living creature. Dogs especially are extremely attached to their masters and can undergo immense trauma if abandoned in such a manner. True dog lovers often try to rescue these abandoned pets trying to find them a second home if they are unable to look after them themselves. Hence whenever you choose to adopt any pet, be it a dog or any other animal, always ensure that you do proper research of the animal’s care and responsibilities involved in adopting the pet.

Making your home pet friendly: When adopting a pet, especially a dog, it is very important to dog-proof your home. When a dog is brought into a home, just like you would take time adjusting with the dog, he or she too will take its time in knowing your family and bonding with you. It is all a matter of time. A special fence must be built around your house if you live in a bungalow with a garden. Give the dog his own space or corner by creating a bed or kennel for him where he can spend time alone. There may be times when he may need to be on his own, give him is space as it will only help you understand each other better. If you are adopting a puppy, ensure that he gets enough sleep and feels protected. Don’t let other animals attack him.

Taking care of a pet dog:

Adopting a dog means more than simply stroking its fur and playing with it. It involves understanding his needs, his food habits, his mood swings etc. He must be bathed from time to time, must be taken out for daily walks or runs to ensure that he stays fit. Ensure that he gets a wholesome diet and if required, you might need to adopt a special dog trainer to train him and understand his daily requirements.

Make use of the Internet: The internet is one place which offers answers and solutions to most of our problems and needs. If you would like to adopt a pet Mumbai, try the online community or website www.quikr.com. The website offers a one stop solution to all your buying and selling needs and even provides you with contacts to agencies, institutes through posting of free classifieds. You can be sure of finding a puppy in Mumbai through this platform, be it an abandoned pet or through a pet adoption home. You can also find references to veterinary clinics in case of need of treating your ailing pet.

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