"Too little freedom leads to frustration and too much brings chaos and confusion"

This article is about freedom in the right means.

Monika2 | 14 Jun 2012
Revised 14 Jun 2012

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                                     "FREEDOM IN THE RIGHT MEANS"

Turning down the pages of history,we had heroes of ;iron muscles and nerves of steel' who gave us freedom from the clutches of britishers.For this freedom, today we are breathing with ease,walking with our head heeled high in the society.Infact every moment we are heaving a sigh of relief.There is no value of life without freedom.

                                                      With freedom birds and beasts too lead a regulated lives.Everyone wants freedom in their lives.A small baby wants the freedom to play with his/her toys,a child wants the freedom to enjoy with his/her friends, a teenager wants the freedom to his/her works freely,a young man wants the freedom to do work without anybody's interference,an old woman wants the freedom to carry out her spiritual rites without anybody's forbiddance.So ,all our lives are tied with the word "freedom".

                                                                  Freedom doesn't mean limiting it's value within a set of boundaries.If it is limited,then the word "freedom"itself will become the sole responsible in arousing the negativities of mind such as anxiety,worry,tension etc.

                                                                           Parents,out of their possessive nature give little or infact no freedom to their children which in turn broadens the gap between the two generations.Girls are victims of this 'little freedom'.They are not given the freedom to have free conversation with their friends over phone as they are interrupted time and again.Even if ,they are forbidden to take tuitions.All these limiting boundaries doesn't only limit themselves but also limit their thoughts,it stops broadening their outlook which results in arousing irritation,confusion in their minds making them confined to the four corners of their minds.Above all,it deteriorates the relationship between parents and children.

                             When water remains in excess form in the river bodies,it come out in the form of floods.Similarly,anything in the excess form leads to the path of destruction.As it is rightly said"Excess of anything is bad".If too much freedom is given to children,it becomes the matter out of control.Nowadys ,parents provide their children with ipods,two wheeler vehicles which inturn results in the degradation of moral values.Too much freedom doesn't contribute to the development,rather it paves the path for self destruction.Youngsters end up with cigarette smoking nowadays.There is an increasing rise of road accidents nowadays due to rash driving by the youngsters.

                                            The only fault lies in the parents of this era.It is the first and foremost duty of the parents to be conscious of their responsibility towars their children.Freedom should be given to the children in right means.It should not be so less that it leads to chaos and confusion and not so much that the matter becomes out of control.

            The genie should be within our control.It should be within our grip of hands otherwise it may overpower us and lead to destruction.


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