Treat bedbugs in your home

Getting rid of those darn bedbugs

Alex | 26 Jan 2017
Revised 26 Jan 2017

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So, recently a friend of mine had their home infested with bedbugs. It's quite embarrassing for some people to have their home infested with bedbugs. When I was younger, my sister got lice in her hair and the looks she was given from people was unbearable...

Now, many people that get bedbugs in their home get them slowly. I'm not saying they're unsanitary, but if people don't regularly clean their home, no wonder they invite roaches, ants, and fruit flies. Bedbugs can still infiltrate your home even though it's the cleanest. 


Bedbugs are sort of different because they usually latch on to your clothing from being outside, similar to getting ticks. They're obviously from the same family. They leave bloodstains on mattresses and live in the seams and box mattresses, and other furniture. A healthy female bedbug can birth 5 eggs a day and about 400 in her lifetime. If you see black or brown stains, guess what? They've been feeding and probably from you or another family member. Bedbugs can typically live up to a year without a single meal, or in this case amount of blood. 


Instead of calling an exterminator, I advise you to wash all of your sheets, blankets, and clothes in the hottest temperature possible. Heat treatment is the best way to exterminate them and some pest control companies do such thing. Their eggs are cream-covered so expect and reduce clutter in your rooms to spot them easily. I recommend calling a pest control company while you're inspecting. The exterminator will inspect as well.

Next time you go out to a hotel or travel anywhere, inspect around the headboard, drawers, mattresses. Elevate all of your belongings and when you go to a new place, you can put your clothing in a dryer at the hottest temperature to kill them. Heat is the best way to treat them and some pest control companies charge specifically for this. 


The key is to regularly inspect everytime someone is traveling somewhere because that's how they spread. They are easy to locate because they're lighter in color than other ticks and hair lice. They are red and sometimes orange. Sometimes they're brown, so they'd be a bit more difficult to locate. 


They come out particularly at night and their bites can give different reactions to different people. Not all people react the same way. They also transport diseases so if a bad outbreak or reaction occurs to someone you know, I'd go to the emergency room. 


When we treat bedbugs with heat, we use temperatures of 125 degrees to kill them, but it takes some time.Steam is also used to kill their offspring. After a complete home treatment, routine maintenance is still needed for future riddance of bedbugs. I'd sign up with a local exterminator that really inspects well and gets the job done. These home treatments get expensive, but they really do help overall and will save you from headaches in the future. We have more information about this process on our site, but we specifically do pest control service the Austin, TX area. 

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articleTreat bedbugs in your home
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Getting rid of those darn bedbugs

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