How to Use Soaker Hoses to Prevent Foundation Problems

Dry hot weather can cause problems for your homes foundation. Installing a soaker hose can help resolve many problems and prevent the need for costly repairs

homeandauto | 21 Feb 2012
Revised 13 Jun 2012

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What is a Soaker Hose?

Soaker hoses are designed to slowly weep water along the length of the hose.  They are useful for controlled watering of specific areas at specific rates.  Soaker hoses are very efficient, They use less water than sprinklers by being very precise and less water is used in areas that do not need water and less water is evaporated.  The most common uses are for watering in flowerbeds and gardens and for maintaining the moisture content of soil around foundations.  Soaker hoses can be laid directly on the ground or buried underground.

Can Hot Dry Weather Harm Your Foundation?

Hot dry weather can cause foundation problems as the moisture underneath you home evaporates and is used up by nearby trees and plants.  Some of the signs to look for include doors and windows that stick or do not shut properly and cracks in your sheetrock or exterior walls. 

By placing soaker hoses around your foundation and using them to maintain a constant moisture level in the soil, you can prevent these problems and many more serious foundation problems that could potentially develop.

How to Install and Use a Soaker Hose to Water Foundations.

Bury the soaker hose 2 to 6 inches down and at least one foot away from the foundation.  You can connect multiple hoses together, however their effectiveness is diminished after about 100 to 150 feet.  Once installed you will run the hoses with low pressure for extended periods.  You may start out with an hour a day to get your moisture level back and adjust it as needed. The goal is to allow the soil around and under the foundation to maintain its moisture level.  You do not want to have standing water next to your foundation since this can cause other foundation problems including washing soil out from under the foundation.

You may want to add some accessories to your foundation watering system such as an automatic timer so that regular watering can be done more easily.  A two-way connector will allow you to run the regular garden hose without having to run the soaker hose or switch hoses frequently.

Soaker hoses should come with instructions on their proper usage, those instructions should be used, the above information is general information on how they are used and is not intended to be specific instructions on installing soaker hoses.

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