Are Vaccinations for Kids healthy?

The practice of injecting children with weakened pathogens to immunize them from disease is called vaccination. Is it really healthy for the children?

Cashmere Lashkari
Cashmere Lashkari | 20 Feb 2010
Revised 20 Feb 2010

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There is an ongoinng debate about vaccinations for children. There are the hard core supporters who feel that it is a must for each child. Then there are the har core opposers who say there is no need to inject a child with pathogens of diseases that he may never get. And then there is the thrid group of confused parents, not sure if they should get vaccinations done for their children or not. Now lets take a look at the pros and cons.

What is the process

The American Paediatric Association has brought out an immunization schedule for children. This gives the names of the vaccines to be given to the child, the age at which it is to be injected and the diseases from which that particular vaccine protects the child. The concept is that the human body needs to develop antibodies to the pathogens which cause a disease. This set of antibodies help the person's immune system fight and defeat the disease.

The opposition

Childhood vaccinations involve injecting the weakened pathogens into the kids at a very young age. This means that the baby is healthy, but is being given disease causing elements to deal with. The child will suffer from fever and may even develop mild symptoms of the disease for a few days before recovering from the vaccine. This is what most of the opposition say is incorrect. Why make a well child sick for some potential disease that he may never get?

The risk

There is also some research which proves that the kids who get immunized are at higher risk for certain other diseases such as autism. The fact is not yet established that vaccines cause autism, but there is a greater tendency showing in the research and parents are worried about this. Why take a risk and protect the child from a disease which he may never get only to end up giving him another disease.

The conclusion

And this is my opinion, as a parent I have given my son all his mandatory shots. Why I did that is beacuse there is a greater risk in India of children getting these diseases. Also I  have avoided giving him flu shots because I don't think I should totally stiffle his immune system. It too needs to stay active with the minor illnesses of childhood so that it gets stronger as my child grows. So the choice is up to the parents.

In the end remember it is your child and your choice. Listen to every one else but make up your own mind.

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Rating: 4294967295 Up Down Flaghomeandautohomeandauto said... on Thu, 24 Mar 2011 23:49
Thanks for the wonderful and well thought out article. I think this is a subject many new parents worry about. Did you notice any side effects when your son was vaccinated?

Rating: 4294967283 Up Down FlagCashmere LashkariCashmere Lashkari said... on Thu, 07 Apr 2011 23:28
Apart from fever after the DPT there was not much of a side effect to any of the vaccinations he had.

Rating: 3 Up Down Flagmjane25mjane25 said... on Fri, 13 May 2011 17:23
thanks great wonderful post

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