Top five Indian dishes to make and taste

Here comes the best five Indian dishes for you....

express | 12 Oct 2012
Revised 12 Oct 2012

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It is very difficult to list best ten Indian food as there are hundreds in the list. We can even make ten best Vegetarian Indian food and ten best non vegetarian Indian food. Majority of the Indian food can be easily prepared at home. And these food would stand against any best cuisine in the world. Indian contains 28 states and the dishes are so much different from place to place.

The availability of food items really reflects here. The food really depicts the culture of the spot and there should have some really nice restaurants from where you can taste the recipe. I am sure I will miss many best in this ' top ten Indian food' as you people should be more expert to  tell that your list is more ideal to included in the list. Your comments and suggestions are greatly welcome and appreciated.

1. Dosa, a vegetarian South Indian dish

Rice is the main content of dosa and it is a pure vegetarian food. Yeaa.. dosa can also be prepared in non vegetarian style. I placed dosa in to the number one position in the top ten Indian food because of various reasons. Dosa may be a unique kind of dish that have hundreds of varieties.

Masala Dosa is very famous variety of Dosa and this kind of Dosa is stuffed with spiced potatoes. Onion dosa, green dosa, Kerala dosa, ghee dosa, egg dosa, chillee dosa, paper dosa, cheese dosa,butter dosa, bread dosa, wheat dosa, raagi dosa, sweet dosa, double layer dosa, set dosa, carrot dosa, dosa with mixed vegetables, banana dosa, Raagi dosa, slim dosa, meat dosa, chicken dosa, etc.

I simply stop the list as you people may get bored reading the endless list. The real factor is that you can even make your own style of dosa if you simply know how to make simple ordinary dosa. So let's try making Dosa frieds.......Send me your receipes.......

2. Palak Paneer, a north Indian vegetarian dish


Palak Paneer is a tasty, traditional, north Indian style food very popular all over India. Cottage cheese and palak are the main ingredients of Palak paneer. It is very nutritious and tasty food and economy too.

3. Pulav


Pulav is another famous north Indian food basically prepared from rice. Like dosa pulav has different varieties such as Kashmire Pulav, rice pulav, ghee pulav, green peas pulav, Navratnan pulav, aalu ke pulav, etc.

4. Payasam or Kheer


It is a traditional Kerala Dish known as Payasam and is famous for its delicious taste. Paysam has lot of varieties like milk payasam, ada payasam, Jackfruit payasam, wheat payasam, rice payasam, etc. Payasam is a divine desert as it is prepared in most of the temples in Kerala after performing pujas. Devotees too perform their pujas by cooking Payasam in the temple itself. Payasam is the main dish in the marriage of Kerala. So Paysam stands in the list of top Indian food and recipes. 

5.  Tapioca with Fish Curry


Tapioca with fish curry is a typical Kerala dish famous all over the world. Tourists visiting God's own country should be familiar with this dish as kappa and meencurry is the main attraction in the glorious houseboats of Kerala.This dish is very very traditional one and was one of the  main food of Kerala. The important thing is that Tapioca is an excellent combination with almost all varieties of fish. So never forget to try Kappa with meencurry if you planning to visit Kerala, God's own country............

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