Honing your cooking skills at hobby classes

Read about different cooking classes to hone your culinary schools.

quikrarticles | 05 Oct 2013
Revised 05 Oct 2013

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When you are stuck at home, you feel bored and tired of the monotonous routine. You should try to get over this monotony because it will lead to a sense of despair and loneliness in future. Housewives and retired people can now pass a good part of their day by joining hobby classes. These classes are conducted for a few hours in a day. You can learn different things in these classes. Moreover, you can also make friends and pass a good part of your day in them.

In these classes, painting, cooking, needle work and fabric painting are taught. You can join a class that teaches a different language as well. French and German classes are held three to four days in a week at Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in Golpark, Kolkata. These courses are taught semester wise and at the end of each semester, you will have to appear for an examination. These classes are not expensive at all and you can also find employment after completing these courses.

If you are a good cook, then you can join cookery classes Kolkata. Food stuffs from different cuisines are taught. Usually 2 hours are allotted for a class and 3-4 dishes are covered in them. The ingredients are all prepared before students arrive and then the instructor takes off with cooking. You will be handed a recipe of the stuffs being prepared. At the end of the class, you will be served the food to taste. In some other formats, you will be asked to bring the ingredients from home and then prepare the food as per the instructions given.

The latter kind of cooking classes are better because you are getting the chance to try the recipe out first hand and if you are going wrong anywhere, the instructor will rectify your mistakes. The payment is taken at the end of every class that you have attended. The dishes taught in one of the classes will be repeated in the other classes held on the same week, so that if someone misses a class, they can catch up the very next day.

You can also request the instructor to give out a recipe for a dish that you have wanted to prepare for really long. One of the most famous chefs in Kolkata, Bibi Sarkar, holds these classes twice a week. She takes a lot of care so that her students can observe and learn in the best possible manner. She charges Rs 600-Rs 700 for every class that she conducts. Many women, who are housewives or are interested in cooking, attend these classes.

You can also plan a small catering service of your own after attending these classes. You can start small and then slowly expand. Enterprises that are run by women are well managed and a lot of women entrepreneurs are coming up.

You can now find a cookery class that is near your home by logging on to Quikr Kolkata.

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