Growth of the Hospitality Industry in Kolkata

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quikrarticles | 01 Oct 2013
Revised 01 Oct 2013

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Kolkata is all set to have as many as seven big chain hotels added to its already long list of luxury hotels in the city. Most of the hotels shall fall into the category of “super luxury” and “mid-upscale” sectors. The room capacity of 1700 is expected to double in a couple of years as each project is in different stages of their construction. The growing real estate industry in the suburban areas of Kolkata, especially EM Bypass, Rajarhat and New Town has boosted this growth of the hospitality industry as well. Rajarhat being located close to the airport and having good road connectivity is a prime location for businessmen to stay during their trips to the city. Premium hospitality chains like the Starwood Group of Hotels and Resorts, Novotel, The Marriott are all set to open up their chains in Kolkata. Already established ‘The Park’ is even set to construct a second campus awaiting the clearance processes meanwhile. The Taj’s Gateway, Great Eastern and the yet to be named Airport Hotel by the DS Group are also some of the additions to be made to the city.

Upcoming projects: The sudden upsurge of the hotel industry has come as boon to the job seekers of the hospitality industry. Opportunities for jobs in hospitality industry Kolkata shall see a considerable rise in the coming years with these major chains lined up for inauguration. The Great Eastern is set to open up in this year while Novotel and Westin belonging to the US major Starwood chain are scheduled for a 2014 inauguration. The 300 room project of Marriott too is scheduled for next year along with ITC located next to it setting up a 500-key property.

Aiming for a corporate conference and meeting hub: A major objective of most of these five and seven star hotel chains is to set up more and more conference and meeting centres for the growing IT sector. There was a time when the manufacturing industry served as the backbone of industrial progress in Kolkata; times have definitely changed and the service sectors, IT sectors, corporate catering Kolkata are all set to become the new future of the city.  Owners of some of these chains claim a 16-17 per cent growth rate of the hotel industry. Westin boasts of the largest banquet facilities and soon to be the best in Eastern India. The resources and potential that Kolkata has had in the catering and hospitality sector has remained untapped for many years and investors have struck gold of late with new projects. Luxury giants are always in great demand for corporate biggies like IBM, PwC, Infosys etc. so that their foreign delegates, businessmen etc. can find comfortable and world-class accommodation within the city.

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