Kolkata- Food and its myriad services

This article talks of the local food in Kolkata and food catering services.

quikrarticles | 04 Sep 2013
Revised 04 Sep 2013

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Kolkata has been known to be a paradise for food lovers. Different kinds of food stuffs are available at very low prices. More than availability, each cuisine has a different backstory. For example, Kolkata has a rich Anglo-Indian and Armenian culture which has engendered food stuffs like Vindaloo and Jhal Frezi. A substantial Muslim population has led to a flourishing Mughlai cuisine. Rolls, Kebabs and Biriyani from Kolkata are very famous. Renowned food writers in India have also praised the street food of Kolkata for its local flavour.

Eating options for Working Professionals

The business districts of Kolkata are concentrated in areas like B.B.D Bag or Dalhousie Square, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Camac Street, Park Street, Esplanade and C.R. Avenue. The options for eating out during work hours are numerous. Street vendors lay out their wares during day time in B.B.D. Bag and Esplanade and numerous office goers have their lunch from there. Items like chana-bhatura, dosa, roti or rice and sabji are sold. These meals are available at under Rs 50. Stores that sell Mughlai food are also there in these areas and a lot of people prefer to eat at restaurants and permanent joints because of concerns for hygiene.

There are many upmarket restaurants in these areas that serve Chinese, Mexican and Italian food stuffs. Café Coffee Day and Barista, the two leading café chains in India have their outlets in almost all the places mentioned above.

Ordering food stuffs at home

After returning from work, most people do not feel like cooking a meal. They would rather order food that will be delivered home. There are many stores in Kolkata which deliver freshly prepared food stuffs home. If your house lies within a specified number of kilometres, then the food will be delivered to you for free.

Pizza chains like Dominoes and Pizza Hut are also available in neighbourhoods and they have good sales as well.

Kolkata Catering- Tiffin services are also available for those people who do not have adequate facilities for cooking at home. These tiffin services deliver fresh food stuffs which have been prepared using less spices and oil. Usually 2 square meals in a day are provided and the payment is taken on a monthly basis.

Catering Services in Kolkata

Catering services in Kolkata are quite well developed. Bijoli Grill is a well-known caterer that delivers foods to the different social clubs in Kolkata and they also prepare food for occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Other lesser known caterers are also there who provide sumptuous food at lower prices. For any ceremony, you need to book at least a month in advance because these catering services are high in demand. These caterers are adept at providing every kind of cuisine- Bengali food stuffs, Marwari food stuffs, Punjabi, Jain and Krishna Dishes even.

If you need food catering services immediately and do not know whom to contact, then you can look up free Catering -Tiffin Services Ads in Kolkata classifieds on Quikr. The area of operation of these catering services along with their contact information will be provided.


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