Relationships and commercial interests

Relationships can be put to test when one side harbours commercial interests.

Prakash | 28 Feb 2015
Revised 28 Feb 2015

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When meeting a new person at a common event initially greetings are exchanged. If there is something to talk then some conversation may take place. On knowing the professions of each other if the phone number is asked then that gives hope that a future call from the other person can be expected.


When the other person does call after some days then it is a delight to hear from them because a new acquaintance is being formed. If they ask for a meeting it will be a pleasure that the other side is showing interest to go beyond the initial exchange of greetings.


This is how it would have been once upon a time. Those who have experiences which many others have had with some specific people would not hesitate to meet due to their earlier experience.


Such an example is the one where the other person turns up at your home and you receive them well and show your happiness that they have graced your home with your visit.


Next the "new friend" steers the talk to your lifestyle.


The talk continues to the lifestyle of the more fortunate ones. The amount of income earned by those who run Reliance, Wipro and Tata are at their fingertips.


They bring in a concept of how money can be divided where not just a small percentage of those who run Reliance, Wipro and Tata are having crores and you have only a lakh or two.


This may look good, a Utopian and communistic thought. Perhaps the visitor must be having some idea that, when implemented, can deprive those who run big corporates of their crores so that those who don't have enough for their own survival may be benefitted.


Then they open up their plan. They want you to sell some products which has some levels of rewards. In one level of sales you may be taken to a trip to some Indian tourist location. The next level may fetch you a trip to the Alps and so on.


You have a good designation of co-owner so you are not working for someone else's company. You will be working for your own company.  


All you have to do is approach your contacts and repeat parrot like whatever your "new friend' recited. In case you have a poor memory you can arrange a meeting between your "new friend" and your existing friends.


If you get into it you become a co-owner.


If you do not get into it then you won't be hearing much from your "new friend" and when you realize that the excessive interest shown to you by the "new friend" was only to use you then next time when a new acquaintance asks for your phone number and calls you up you may start thinking twice about whether to entertain them in your home or not.

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articleRelationships and commercial interests
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Relationships can be put to test when one side harbours commercial interests.

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