Gift Ideas for Dad

Presenting gifts to your beloved people makes life beautiful for you. especially parents owe you your life and remembering them at special occassions is the best ever gesture of a child.

Maru123 | 12 Jun 2012
Revised 12 Jun 2012

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Parents are the treasure of nature who bring you up from the age when you cannot even move your limbs to the age when you become stable and independent. They are the people in life who can never leave you alone in the time of trouble. Parents are the reason for your very being which in turn make you liable to them when they need you. Children remain indebted to their parents till death. In return for their selfless and sincere efforts, parents do not expect anything from their children but if in case you try to return their love and affection; they feel deeply touched and love even more.

Gifts are one of the ways by which you can show your gratitude towards your parents. There are some occasions when the gifts make it easier for you to express yourself. These are simple tokens of love which only increase your love in the hearts of your parents. Chrismas is one such occasion which is considered to be the most awaited one. Families get together to enjoy the memorable moments.

There is a lot of variety of items when it comes to the charismas gifts especially for parents. If you also want to present your parents on this chrismas but you are short of ideas, following are some of the gift ideas for dad. You may opt for any one which you feel suitable.   

Clock Powered with water:

Talking about the gift ideas for dad, the first thing coming to my mind is a different type of clock which is powered with water. The digits are normally visible and clear. The clocks operate due to the presence of coffee or soda which is the electrolytes. Such clocks are also available in various designs in the season of charismas so as to suit the occasion. As for example, some clocks might be designed like a charismas tree.

Plant Set:

Another gift idea for dad can be a plant set if h is fond of plantation and natural environment which mostly dad like. Some of the plants are natural insect eaters and they feed on the insects present in the environment. If you want to present something unique to your dad on this charismas, it is one of the best gift ideas for dad. This will make the environment pleasant and he will enjoy the company of a carnivorous plant set right in his room.

Power Inverter:

Mostly, the retired parents especially das love to have some creative and technical activity after retiring from service. After spending years of busy life, they enjoy to have productive work. If your dad is also one of those and you want to facilitate him, here is an unusual gift idea for dad. Yes! If your dad has a technical mind, you can make him feel useful by presenting him a power inverter which can convert the DC into AC. This can be used in electrical circuits on which your dad wants to experiment on. Moreover, different appliances like TV, Radios, computers etc can be operated by using this power inverter. In addition, using the latest technology, it has the USB port which makes its use even easier.

Perfumed Soap:

If you are being caring and loving to your dad on this charismas and do not have much gift ideas for dad, one of the options is that of presenting him the shower shock soap which has coffee and vegetable oil as its ingredients. It will be great idea to give your dad a pleasant surprise of coffee when he takes bath as it will refresh his senses.

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