A token of Thanks to my parents

A small token of love and thanks to the most important personalities of my life

Maru123 | 16 Jan 2013
Revised 16 Jan 2013

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Parents are the ultimate gift of nature who give you a reason for living. They are the only pair of relations who love you selflessly and help you throughout the thick and thin. Their love and affection never tarnishes with the passage of time. Instead they love you even more with each passing day. Like all others, though I can not exactly remember but I am sure when I first opened my eye in this world, a passionate face must have returned my gaze with an affectionate smile on her face. The mere look on her face must have made me realized that it was none other than my mother. Mother, My Mother! The only personality on the planet who has been with me all these years, whose love always made me feel special, who has been a source of motivation for me throughout my life. Yes! She is the personality who made my life worth living.

My life would have been incomplete without my respected father. The man, I idealize the most. The man I always shared all my worries with, who has been a reason for my life. The Superman rescued me even in the worst situations. He is a life-saving drug for me to whom I can look for help whenever and wherever I need. He is one of the relations whom you can always rely on. I can still recall the look on his face when I fell ill at the age of 4, the concern and tension on his face relieved half of my illness.

The unconditional love and affection my parents extended to me can never be paid back. I will remain indebted to them till death for what they have done for me. I wish them a long healthy life to both of them.

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articleA token of Thanks to my parents
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A small token of love and thanks to the most important personalities of my life

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