"Role of advertisements in our daily life"

This article is about the false advertisements done in the name of quality products to deceive common man.

Monika2 | 16 Jun 2012
Revised 16 Jun 2012

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                 " Role  of  advertisements  in  our  daily  life"


In the today's era of cut-throat competition everyone is deeply engrossed in keeping pace with the rat race for success in all the spheres of life starting from the field of academics,sports to the corporate field.He/she wants to see his/her name in the top of the list of events.In this running race,most of the facts,events,major topics of the world remain hidden from the common man's eyes.

 The advertisements focus on the facts,relevant topics and reveals the world before the ignorant eyes of the common man.By having a glance of the advertisements one can have a glance of the general idea about the materialistic world.

Advertisements play an integral role in our lives.Nowadays,advertisements have taken their numerous forms i.e newspapers,television channels etc.Through these mediums we come to know about the minute details about the things to which our wishes and desires entirly depend upon.Advertisements somehow inflict a sense of attire in our life.We come to know about the wondrous bed and boarding,bit and sip deeply tied with our lives.

  Advertisements are exhibited to the vieweres through the broad-daylight announncements,audios,videos with the exotic products.These are done inorder to captivate the common man towards it.

 Advertisements in some cases may prove harmful and futile for the common man.Some advertisements are done inorder to gain a huge amount of money by selling worthless products in the name of business.Nowadays making false advertisements and captivating the public towards it have become a game of business played by the modern man.

As a coin has two faces i.e head and a tail.In the same way advertisements are boonful in some cases and baneful in many cases.Huge mass of people come under the trap of these false advertisements on the account of search for quality products.

 Advertisements should only possess the merits.So let's stop these false advertisements from traping the people.Let's make a difference through our joint and untiring endeavours to stop these false advertisements.







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