Getting Started With EarnWrite

This article introduces you to Earnwrite and helps you get started writing and earning income.

earnwrite | 20 Jan 2011
Revised 11 Aug 2016

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This article will introduce you to some of the features of and help you get started writing articles and earning income from your articles.  This article provides links to more specific help articles on individual topics and should be consulted along with the FAQ for any questions on how to use

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Completing Your Earnwrite Profile

When you complete your earnwrite profile there are a few things you can do to improve your appeal to readers.

Comment Field

The comment field is where you tell your readers about yourself.  you may wish to describe your favorite hobbies or topics to write about.  We also advise you to include your referral URI in your comment field.  This information is displayed on your profile page and can be a great source of referrals.

Website Field

You may want to fill in the website field.  If you do not have a website or blog to enter here, use the URL of your profile page or your referral URI for your website.  Post articles on your blog or website about earnwrite and link back to your referral page.

Profile Photo

Put a photo of yourself on your profile, profiles and articles with professional looking author photos are more likely to get regular readers.


Tips for Writing Articles

Here are some basic things that you should do when writing articles.  Doing these basic things will help you earn more income, and get more views and referrals on Earnwrite.  For more information on article requirements please read our Article Quality and Publication Standards article.

Article Basics

Proper grammar, spelling and good structure will make your article perform better.  Users are more likely to click away from your articles if these items suffer.  It is advisable to learn to use the formatting tools available in the editor so that your articles can have headings, paragraphs, pictures, links and lists where appropriate and therefore be attractive and easy to read. 

Choosing a Topic

Ideally your articles should focus on topics you are knowledgeable about, this way you will offer value to your readers.  You may also want to consider the potential referral fees you will make from the ads hosted with your articles.  Some topics will attract ads that will pay you more per click than others - when researching topics you may want to consider search volume, ad cost per click and the number of relevant sites found for the keywords you are using in your articles.

Using Keywords and Tags

Properly using keywords and tags in your article will benefit you by making your article easier to find and making the ads shown with your article more relevant to the articles subject - both of these can have positive effects on the income generated from your articles.

Keywords are strategically used words and phrases that you use in your article and title, tags may be similar to the keywords and generally denote the main topic and related subjects the article discusses.  Tags are entered into a separte tag field for each article.  The article How to Use Keywords and Tags on Earnwrite describes this in much greater detail.


Setting Up Advertiser Services

In order to start making money online with you need to setup some advertiser services. Earnwrite does not track your earnings and does not pay you directly, but we offer connectivity with a variety of advertising services which will track your earnings and issue payments to you through their programs. The services shown below are currently supported at Earnwrite. 

Setting Up Amazon Associates

If you are an Amazon Associate you can earn additional revenue by generating sales on  The first step is to include your associate id in your Earnwrite account.   Additionally you may customize each article you post to show specific products from

The article How to Use Amazon ASIN Values on Earnwrite will help you configure each article to show highly relevant ads and improve your earnings

Setting Up Infolinks and Kontera

Infolinks and Kontera are in-text advertising services.  These will turn variious words and phrases into advertising links in your articles.  You can only use one of them.  Enter your account id into your account for one of them to begin earning revenue from one of these services.


Setting Up Social Connections

 A great way to quickly find readers and referrals and earn additional income is to use your existing social networks.  Earnwrite allows you to connect your profile to Facebook.  The article How to Connect Your Earnwrite Account to Facebook gives more information on this feature and will help you connect your Earnwrite account to Facebook.


Getting Referrals for More Earning Potential

Each article written by someone your refer, brings you additional revenue opportunites.  This occurs because we (Earnwrite) reward the referrer (you) with additional ad impressions for bringing additional productive writers to the site.

Get refferals quickly by writing about Earnwrite on other sites where you publish, Facebook and other social sites - don't forget to include your referral id so you can have your own army of writers helping you. 

To learn more about referrals and how they benefit you read this article:

Tips to Quickly Increase Earnwrite Earnings Through Referral Marketing 

Writing Articles and Making Money

Making money from article writing doesn't get you rich overnight, it does take work.  Consistency and quality are most important to achieving success with article writing.  To learn more about creating high paying articles and promoting them to increase your earnings, read these articles:

How to Use Earnwrite to Make Money Online

There are a few things that you should not do.  Do not use profanity, pornography, hate speech or other offensive materials in your content.  Do not click on the ads in your own articles.  Doing these things may lead to articles being removed, account locked or even worse - you may lose your account for violation of terms of service.  Read both Earnwrite's Terms of Service and other advertisers' terms of service documents for other prohibited activities.


About This Article

This article is part of Earnwrite's help articles.  Other Help articles include the Getting Started Guide and FAQ.  You may also view a list of all help articles. allows you share your knowledge with others by writing high quality articles and earn income by participating in an advertising revenue sharing program.

earnwrite has a website at

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