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Writing high quality articles benefit both the author other users on the site. This guide describes the requirements for article publication and how to write a good performing article.

earnwrite | 10 Mar 2012
Revised 19 Sep 2016

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Printers Typeset

This article describes the minimum requirements and guidelines for posting articles on this site.  Authors should strive to meet these standards and provide high quality, valuable and useful content in their articles.  Quality, useful and informative articles will naturally keep readers interested, receive more traffic and increase the appeal of the site in general.  Articles that do not meet these guidelines may not receive approval, be removed or unpublished. 

In general all articles must meet the basic standards below or they risk being removed or not published.  More detailed explanation of the standards follows the basic list below:

  • Contain an informative title and description
  • Contain at least one key word/tag
  • At least 500 words long
  • Your own work
  • Written in English
  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Must not be offensive or contain prohibited topics
  • Must not be promotional
  • Must not be written for the sole purpose of influencing search engine ranking or website positioning
  • Thorough and well researched quality content
  • Most not be duplicate article or modified posting of previous articles
  • Formatted with headings (sub-titles), sections and paragraphs
  • Maximum of three external links, all links should be contextual

Descriptive Article Title

Good titles are an important way to help others find your article and have it rank higher in search engine results.  Titles should meet the following criteria:

  • contain your keyword phrase or keywords you are using in your article.
  • describe the article topic in one line.
  • be based on likely search terms used to find your article.
  • not be more than 70 characters.  
  • be written in title case (begining words, ending words, and words over two characters in length which are not prepositions or articles should have their first letters capitalized).

Use the Proper Category

Select the category which most closely represents the topic of your article.  If there is not a representative category you may request a new category be added to the system. 

Descriptive Article Summary

The summary is the text visitors see when searching for your article.  The summary should meet the following criteria:

  • contain your keyword phrase or keywords that you are using in your article.
  • be between one to three sentences long and not more than 140 characters.
  • briefly describe what the article is about.
  • generate interest in the article.   

Excellent Article Content

Articles must be a minimum of 250 words, however longer articles perform better. We recommend an article length of about 1000 words.

  • Articles must be your own work.  We allow you to post articles you have hosted elsewhere.
  • Articles must be in English and be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Articles must not be pornographic or sexual in nature, contain foul language, promote illegal activities, be anti-religious, hateful, disrespectful or in poor taste.
  • Articles must not be solely for advertising or promotional purposes, strive to create value for the readers.

Take Time to Research and Produce a Quality Article

This is all about content quality.  Take the time to do thorough research on the topic and provide valuable information to your readers through your article.  If you pick a topic you know something about and have experience with, you will better be able to convey this to your reader than if you work on an unfamiliar topic

Articles must not appear to be promotional advertisements, stories, blog entries or spamming the system. Multiple niche articles are acceptable, but each article should be unique and offer knowledge and value to the reader on its own.  Comments should abide by the same rules, be relevant to the topic and not for promotional advertising or providing links.

You should write in a manner that is easy to read and make the article appealing so that your reader will not click away. 

Format Your Article with Headers and Paragraphs and Images

Not only do headings look good, they also help you in multiple ways.  They give your reader an overview of the topic and the subtopics that will be discussed in each section, help them quickly find the material they are interested in and make your article seem more professional. Another great advantage of headings is that they contribute positively to SEO, especially if your keywords are contained in them.

Paragraphs make your article much more readable, a reader is much more likely to spend time reading an article if it is divided into identifiable sections rather than one long unbroken message. 

Use images and other embeddable content in your article, there are several free image hosting sites that you can link to stock images to incorporate them into your articles.

Proofreading, Use Correct Grammar, Punctuation and a Spell Checker

You should spell check your article; additionally make sure you are using proper grammar, punctuation and your article is understandable.  Articles that have misspellings and poor grammar risk loosing your readers attention as they leave to find a better written article.  Readers make assumptions, an article that is written poorly will be assumed to not be well researched and not have valuable information. 

Proofread your article, go over it several times to make sure it makes sense and follows a logical sequence.  Remember that you are trying to sell yourself as a provider of good information through your articles, if your presentation is ugly, you lose customers.  

Keyword Tags

Keyword Tags are the key words that help users and search engines find your article.  They should relate to the topic of the article or other subtopics discussed in the article.  Please note:

  • Tags should contain the keywords that you are using in your article.
  • Tags should be between one to three words long each.
  • Tags must be separated by commas.
  • Read our help article on using tags for more information.  

Amazon ASIN

Amazon ASIN values uniquely identify products for sale at  Enter ASINs here to advertise specific items in this article's sidebar.  Please note:

  • Using Amazon ASINs are optional.
  • You are specifying the exact products that appear in the sidebar.
  • Products will appear as your recommendations.
  • You should choose items that are closely related to the article's subject matter.
  • ASIN values must be separated by commas.
  • If you don't enter ASIN numbers, article tags will be used instead, giving you less specific ads.
  • Read our help article on using ASINs for more information. 

License and Ownership

All articles posted on must be your own content.  You may post the same article on other websites as long as you are the original author of the material

Two license models are used on this site, search for the text of the license to understand the differences between the two models. allows you share your knowledge with others by writing high quality articles and earn income by participating in an advertising revenue sharing program.

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