The newest and most powerful Chromebook on the block!

If you look at it in that manner, the simplest computing devices available these days are nothing but Chromebooks but manufacturers have had to deal with multiple challenges with regard to their design and development. The ideal Chromebook in this case is powerful, speedy, sturdily built and most importantly inexpensive. Chromebooks can usually go through an entire day without the need for any charge. However, many companies have burnt their fingers in this segment with multiple products biting

RayWashindkar | 30 Apr 2014
Revised 30 Apr 2014

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At the higher end of the market, the Chromebook Pixel offers customers solid build quality and top notch performance. However, costs exceed even Ultrabooks and MacBooks. Chromebooks are possessed by almost every manufacturer of Windows based laptops. Dell is one company that has plunged into this segment with the Chromebook 11, which incidentally shares the same name with the HP product in the market. Alongside, Dell is pitching the Chromebook 11 particularly to the education and study related markets globally. Chromebooks are always held to be a perfect fit in these markets. However, the Chromebook 11 can be ordered by almost anyone and market experts are gung-ho about what is reportedly the best ever Chromebook witnessed till date.

With regard to features and specifications, the Chromebook 11 ticks almost all major boxes. The devices comes with the current version Intel processor, HDMI port, 4GB of RAM and a battery that can last for a full day! Alongside, there is an SD card slot along with USB ports present on the device as well. The display of 11.6 inches is not really large if you take the HP Chromebook 14 or the Toshiba device into account. Pixel resolution of 768 by 1366 is also considerably weaker if you compare it the upcoming Chromebook 2 from Samsung with 1080p properties. Pixel resolution is okay though if you take into the 11.6 inch display unit into account. Brightness is decent enough along with some good viewing angles.

The finishing on the Acer C720 is a little better as compared to the glossy reflective finishing on the Chromebook 11 from Dell. The screen works quite nicely when it comes to surfing the internet, watching videos, browsing photographs and the like. However, the display has a bezel of 0.75 inches enclosing it all around. Dell could really have gone for a screen of twelve inches without compromising on size. The Chromebook 11 has top notch design attributes and the device looks lovely to say the least. It is a little too heavy for comfort at times but 2.9 pounds is very usable overall. The device does not look inexpensive by any means and a premium look and feel is maintained all throughout by the company.

There is a lid in dark gray otherwise called Foggy Night by Dell which does not support accumulation of fingerprints. The rubber matte finishing is top class as well along with tight seams on the product. Cheap construction of multiple Chromebooks is a norm that is still prevalent in today’s market. However, Dell has not resorted to any cost cutting means in terms of hardware, product design, build and other aspects. The Chromebook 11 comes with a plastic body and Dell has used this material in the best possible manner to come up with a product that feels great to use, hold and work with. The keyboard provides a decent typing experience with great spacing of keys and nice texture. Backlighting is one area which is neglected by the company but the track pad is really good with multi touch scrolling and gesture support. The Chromebook 11 performs decently and the new generation Intel processor is decent enough by all means. The 4 GB of RAM adds just that extra dose of punch to this device. The Chromebook can take on multiple site browsing, writing, video playback and more or less anything that you wish. The 4 GB model is the best bet even though there is a 2 GB option offered by Dell.

The device mostly remains cool even under pressure but fan noise is something that might bug you at times. In spite of all its shortcomings, the Chrome OS platform can be very suitable for all our basic computer based activities. Heavy gaming and video or photo editing apart, everything else can be tackled superbly by the Chrome OS. Battery life is one area where Dell outperforms its peers with elan. The Chromebook 11 comes with all day battery life and this is one of its biggest selling points. Internal storage stands at 16 GB which can be scaled up though via the SD card slot. The battery on this device can run up to ten hours and sometimes more! This is way longer than the Acer C270 or the Chromebook 14 from HP. This is way higher than most laptops based on Windows platforms.

The Chrome OS has been in the market for many years at a stretch however the Chromebook segment has not really witnessed any major revolution. Almost every Chromebook that has been brought out has had users making one compromise or the other. However, in spite of the same, this is a popular category and multiple manufacturers can actually bring out better and more powerful products in this regard. Yet, this is truly the best Chromebook brought out in recent times. This Chromebook provides superior performance levels, a sound keyboard and track pad and also powerful battery life. Build quality is also fabulous and the price, which is lower than $300 deserves special mention here.

This is the best product that you can possibly get at this price point and Dell scores heavily with its design, features, battery life and sheer refinement. Get hold of the Chromebook 11 today and explore the unlimited possibilities that this segment offers!

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