Migrate from Windows Live Mail to Outlook | Convert EML to PST Format

Use this manual tricks to import Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook PST file format. This manual tricks is so simple and easy to use.

Ironfisst | 07 Mar 2016
Revised 07 Mar 2016

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In these days where emails play an important role in daily lives of an individual as well as an organization, email migration becomes an essential task to be performed. Email migration is often called email conversion as both are pretty much similar to each other. The term migration means taking things from one place or platform to another one. In the same way if we talk about email migration, we find that emails are transferred from one email client to another one. As there are various email clients available in the market, users have different options as per their personal or official requirements.

Generally emails clients are different in nature. Each email client has its own file format for storing email messages and other mailbox data. You cannot use an email file of a particular email client into another one. In order to access the mailbox of any other email client which is saved into a different file format, you must convert it into the format supported by your email client software. Make sure the email conversion process is safely performed, so that no data loss or unwanted modification can be found in the output.

Whenever we talk about popular email client software, the first name which comes into our mind is Microsoft. It provides a wide range of desktop utilities for Windows platforms including few popular email clients as well. Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook are email client applications provided by Microsoft. Here in this article, we will talk about Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

Though both the email clients are provided by Microsoft, but are different from each other. Where Windows Live Mail is just an email client, Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager. You can get Windows Live Mail at free of cost, while you need to purchase Microsoft Office suite to get Microsoft Outlook. Also, it is sold as a separate application.

Windows Live Mail saves each email message in EML format. But Outlook creates an Outlook data file for storing the entire mailbox data which include email messages, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, notes, journals and many more. It is often seen that people switch from one email client to another one. Sometimes the reason is any personal one, and sometimes it is corporate constraint. Think you are using Windows Live Mail, freeware email client. Now you are planning to switch to Microsoft Outlook. Before you can do that, you need to understand a very important thing. You cannot open your old email messages which are stored in multiple separate EML files, on Outlook. You need to export the email messages to Outlook in order to access them. You can do it by all yourself without using any paid software. Follow the steps shown below:

Step 1: Launch Windows Live Mail on your system. Also, launch Microsoft Outlook at the same time.

Step 2: On Windows Live Mail, click File button shown on top, then click Export>Email messages.

Step 3: On Windows Live Mail Export window, select the Microsoft Exchange format into which you to export email messages. Click Next.

Step 4: Click OK to confirm that you are ready to export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.

Step 5: On Export Windows window, select the mail folders you want to export from Windows Live Mail. Either select all folders option or select the folders which you want to export. Click OK to start exporting mailbox data.

Step 6: Please wait until the process gets successfully completed.

Step 7: Click Finish to exit as the process is completed now.

There is one more way to export email messages from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. EML to PST Converter software can make the entire operation so easy and quick unlike the manual procedure. If you need to export thousands of email messages at a time using manual trick, it will surely take enough time. But a 3rd party tool is programmed to perform conversion instantly without taking much time. Within a few mouse clicks, the entire conversion operation will be executed without causing any changes or damage. Get demo version of this software for free evaluation. Using demo version, you can only convert first 15 EML files into PST format. In licensed version of this software, there is no such limitation. Users can enjoy fully functional tool with all features. 

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