How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Desktop

Briefly describing the requirements of Yahoo Email backup and extending the easiest methods to do so.

NickNel | 04 Jul 2016
Revised 04 Jul 2016

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Get To Know How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Desktop:

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Yahoo is an excellent Internet portal and is incorporated with a search engine. It encapsulates a directory of the World Wide Web sites which makes it the best tool to search the web for anything and everything. Founded in 1994, by two of the PhD students of Stanford University, Yahoo helps you to find out whatever you are searching for on any Internet connecting device. In 1997, Yahoo launched Yahoo Mail which is the third largest web based free emailing service where email messages along with their entities are stored on a cloud server. However, the storage on Cloud works both; as a benefit and a disadvantage too. Following section will introduce you with supporting facts.

Need to Backup Yahoo Email Folders:

Though cloud computing has certain benefits such as it facilitates – anywhere and everywhere access of information on cloud. But there are a number of risks involved with it. Data on cloud is prone to technical dysfunctions, outages, and being hacked. In spite of maintaining high standards of maintenance, cloud service providers are bound to get affected by these issues. Also, to be logged on the server, you need a good Internet connection at all times. Hence, if you save Yahoo emails to computer the access can actually be availed at all times.


Another major concern of working with a cloud server is security issue. The complete information is surrendered to a third party cloud service provider. Storing the information on cloud makes it vulnerable to attacks and hack threats as nothing is secure on the internet. Losing sensitive information can prove to be very dangerous for a user, especially one associated with an organization. Hence, there is an inevitable need to backup Yahoo emails to hard drive to keep them safe yet available every time.

Backup Yahoo Conversations using Yahoo Backup Tool

For configuring Yahoo Mail on desktop you need to configure it with POP. However, it is imperative to have a PAID account. There is a $19.99 per year service provided by Yahoo and only users upgrading their Yahoo profile to the paid one are allotted with the permissions to configure it on a desktop client. To avoid the complications of configuration process, it is suggested to make use of a simple Yahoo backup tool.


The tool facilitates the user to backup the complete email data from Yahoo Mail account. It covers all the folders of your mailbox, that is, it will not only allow you to backup Yahoo inbox, but you can also use the tool if you desire to backup Yahoo sent mail and chat history. You can save the email data in any of the featured file formats (PST/EML/MSG/MBOX) that widens the accessibility ratio. The tool, while keeping your Yahoo data secure, will provide access to your emails anytime you need.

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articleHow to Backup Yahoo Mail to Desktop
by NickNel | in Computers and Internet | 743 Views
Briefly describing the requirements of Yahoo Email backup and extending the easiest methods to do so.

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