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This was my Honest Coin banks Review which is surely one of the best crypto currency exchange website in the world. I hope you found the coin-banks Review helpful and now you can also easily trade and make more money.

Freddykab3 | 10 Aug 2017
Revised 13 Aug 2017

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Bookmark and Share is the CryptoCurrency exchange & Margin Trading Platform or Bitcoin exchange I use recently after reaching limits on the others. The exchange has been around for a while but I was hesitant to use it because I heard some complaints about their service. I gave it a try and here is the review. Let’s have a closer look at what this company is all about, through my review!


Coin-banks offer the CryptoCurrency exchange & Margin Trading Platform service worldwide. In some countries, it might offer limited functions but overall, the service is available in the broadest range of countries. Facilitate the path for people to get their hands on Cryptocurrencies has been their motivation for establishing these platform Payment Methods. You can buy Bitcoin with your credit/debit card or cash via Western Union. I used my debit card to buy because it’s faster; however, it’s also more expensive.


I was quite dissatisfied with Coin-bank’s customer care support. The verification process was too fast but when I had an appeal regarding my transaction, it took 24 hours for the response. But the good thing is that they explained thoroughly and keep me assured try that I would receive my Bitcoin ultimately.


The time it takes for processing:-


The processing time varies and depends on the workload. My first transaction goes well and I received Bitcoin to my wallet in approximately around 5-7 hours. The second transaction takes much longer and I didn’t receive my Bitcoin until 24 hours later.


The price you see on Coin-banks’s homepage has a huge markup as it comprises the service fee. If you pay with cash, you don’t have to pay any more fees. But if you use your credit/debit card, you will have to pay additional.


First of all, we have to admit that the site of Coin-banks is pretty pleasant to navigate. They have got a friendly, and they have outlined everything you may need on their home page.

The menu bar is really detailed and covers all the different aspects of getting an account and learning more on your limitations.


Coin-banks Support and Availability


Next on our list are the support quality, flexibility, and availability. There is a live chat, although it is not available 24/7. Still, even when the live chat is offline, you are prompted to introduce yourself (via your name and an email address) and send your message. As we have highlighted above, there is a detailed FAQ section for you to read through.


In this section, questions are available according to the topic you wish to read more about. Another interesting option is the News, where you can gather information regarding the latest news of the company (including any updates or the addition of more payment methods etc.). No phone is offered as an alternative way of contacting support, although we have found an email address. For any enquiry, you can email at


You get a safe environment to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the main priority is given to the EU residents. These are the people who can get verified and receive the whole package of privileges when exchanging cryptocurrencies. The verification process is simple, but does require some personal information on your behalf.


The payment methods are really flexible, including credit cards and many other paysafe options and so on. According to your location, you can check out the payment methods that can be used. The company is serious about security and does its best to offer quality support. The FAQ section is really detailed and the live chat is certainly welcome, when online!


There are some details that need to be taken into account by the founders of Coin-banks, if they want to make their platform a serious competitor globally. To this date, this is a great option for EU residents and it has got room for improvement towards serving the global market in the near future.


Overall, is a legit Crypto Currency exchange & Margin Trading Platform is a great exchange with a good reputation and amazing liquidity. It seems evident everyone’s mileage will vary when dealing with the Coin-banks exchange. For the most part, the company does the job just fine. The fees are also normal and you can even store you Bitcoin in your Coin banks Wallet. I would also highly recommend you to please enable your two-factor authentication and make your Coin banks Account safer.

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This was my Honest Coin banks Review which is surely one of the best crypto currency exchange website in the world. I hope you found the coin-banks Review helpful and now you can also easily trade and make more money.

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