Essentials of a Camera and renting such equipment in Pune

This article is about renting and buying cameras in Pune

quikrarticles | 03 Sep 2013
Revised 03 Sep 2013

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Photography seems to have become a new hobby for every third or fourth person you’d come across these days. Be it for fast evolving technology or for various kinds of editing software and applications, good photography is no longer dependant on a person’s ability to click pictures. A person genuinely interested in photography or even gadgets for that matter always depends on a good camera and its features for good photos. People have different preferences and there are cameras of varied kinds out there in the market designed to suit every person’s needs.

Choosing Digi-cams and DSLRs
Megapixels are not the only important factor in determining whether a camera is desirable and suitable for your needs or not. One of the major classifications of cameras is point-and-shoot cameras and SLR cameras. Each type has its own pros and cons and can serve to be advantageous or disadvantageous depending upon one’s needs. For those looking for a regular use camera to memorise family occasions and holidays like most people can go for point and shoot cameras.
SLR cameras have certain additional features like large image sensors which is why they are known to produce high quality, used primarily by photographers. The compact, lightweight and easy to carry point and shoot cameras may not match up to the standards of an SLR camera, but it’s easy functioning and various automatic features make it an ideal camera for inexperienced laymen, especially those not interested in technical details and specifics of photography.

When it comes to selecting SLR cameras, the possibilities are endless. However, with point and shoot cameras, certain basic features must be kept in mind and you can be rest assured of getting a good camera. The deals and negotiating a good price depends on where you choose to buy your camera from. Megapixels (a minimum of 10), optical zoom, image stabilization, large and good view-screen, RAW file shooting facilities, video shoot are some of the many features one must keep in mind. If you want to shoot videos exclusively, then buying a camcorder would be a better deal than buying a Digi-cam or DSLR.

Renting Cameras for a Shoot
Pune being a city that houses a national film institute, good quality motion picture and still
photography equipment is available in stores. If one needs it for a few days’ work, they can rent it. The rent is charged on a per day basis. Sometimes cameras are also rented out by photo studios in the city. If one cannot come by such a set-up, they can look at online classifieds for such equipment available on rent.

If you’re looking for cheaper options or do not mind trying out second hand versions of your desired make of camera, is offers a one stop solution to your hunt. An ideal place for direct interaction of consumers and sellers, this web based community started in Bombay has gained immense popularity over the past two years and it is attracting users from all over the country. You can find plenty of cameras-digicams classifieds on the website selecting your personal needs and preferences.

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article Essentials of a Camera and renting such equipment in Pune
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This article is about renting and buying cameras in Pune

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