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articleRE: “Yet another Benghazi Investigation...”
by Brent | in Law and Government | 921 Views
Did the NAZI war criminals try NAZI war criminals for crimes committed in WWII? Did NAZI war criminals try themselves for crimes against humanity?

articletrue representation still thrives in the republican party
by Brent | in Law and Government | 602 Views
In reality true representation still thrives in the republican party whereas democratic party hegemony has all but completely eradicated true representation from democrat party-line politics.

by Brent | in Law and Government | 604 Views
Altus/parrot-brain made my points for me, but still lied about a few things (well, everything he/she/it wrote).

articleWhat are the Property Options Available in Noida?
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 426 Views
Noida is fast becoming a hub for youngsters because of the growth in job opportunities in the IT sector and other manufacturing companies. More numbers of people are moving to Noida, not only for work but also to stay because affordability of property in Delhi is getting eroded rapidly. The numbers of affordable housing options are reducing in Noida too, especially for someone just starting out in his/her career. However, residents of Noida have figured out a unique proposition for those who are

by Brent | in Law and Government | 431 Views
Those that balanced left wing extremism (government tyranny) and right wing extremism (anarchy-no government) were those that planned and instituted a system of self-governance with checks and balances, and the means to conserve the union.

by Brent | in Sports and Recreation | 913 Views
I had a great childhood

articleDevelopment of Greater Gurgaon - Sohna
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 622 Views
Gurgaon is a rapidly developing city thanks to the presence of many BFSI, IT, e-commerce and service sector companies. Such is the development in Gurgaon that areas bordering the city are also being brought within its administration under the name of Greater Gurgaon. One such area is Sohna which is situated around 24kms from the city of Gurgaon.

articleAnd now to the points of contention:
by Brent | in Law and Government | 635 Views
The American system of self-governance is unique. It has thrived for over 200 years and still has true representation. To defend and cherish this Constitutional Republic while others use various tactics, such as the one used by the “writer”, is NOT pointless

articleThose sneaky founding fathers.
by Brent | in Law and Government | 686 Views
WOW, the core of democ-rat hatred for OUR laws is openly admitted. A “wrier” on CL in SLC considers the founding fathers' written arguments in favor of a constitutional republic to be words of old guys?

by Brent | in Sports and Recreation | 820 Views
I was given my first year long YMCA membership when I was eight years old. I have more memories of time spent in the park than time in the building. After swimming lessons we were supposed to wait out front for mom or dad to pick us up. Across the street was the park that followed the river. In this park there were huge trees, older than the hotel and the park itself.

articleWhy Should You Consult Property Sites?
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 547 Views
The transactions in the real estate market have gone up manifold especially after the general elections of 2014 were concluded. The new government is in favour of residential property development which has made developers positive about the industry and inspired investor and buyer confidence. A lot of property sales are supplemented by property sites.

articleHow to Transport Heavy Furniture while Relocation?
by ankita9030 | in Home | 1604 Views
If you want to transport your heavy furniture, you should keep some of the important tips in mind. These tips would make your relocation safe and smooth.

articleThe Easiest Moving Guide for Painless Relocation
by ankita9030 | in Home | 1667 Views
If you really want to make your relocation experience a painless one, you should follow an easiest moving guide. It would help you in realizing the task of home relocation.

articleReal Estate Scenario of Hyderabad in the coming 6 months- 50 percent Gain
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 661 Views
The real estate scenario of Hyderabad is slated to grow by 40 to 50 percent in the coming 6 to 8 months thanks to the Government of Telengana’s plan of developing Hyderabad into a global city. After the formation of Telengana, the political uncertainty in Hyderabad ended which is why development of the real estate sector is set to happen in a positive way. As per the CREDAI or Confederation of Real Estate Developers of India, in the past 3 months, the real estate price of Hyderabad rose by 10

articleThat “do nothing” congress represents We, the People.
by Brent | in Law and Government | 855 Views
That “do nothing” congress represents We, the People. That “do nothing” Congress is a republican majority.

articleRE: “Elections are pointless”
by Brent | in Law and Government | 865 Views
From whose perspective and to whose services are elections pointless? Are elections pointless to those that wish to be represented?