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by Brent | in Law and Government | 606 Views
Obama has asked, threatened the American people through congress, for four billion dollars for the child invasion at the border. That is a lot of money, eclipsed today by the magic disappearing act of a trillion dollars. Where will the four billion dollars be spent? Who gets the money, ol bommy’s lawyer friends, ol bommy’s international pharmaceutical corporation friends?

by Brent | in Law and Government | 535 Views
The solution is not related to the apparent problems. The problem with the invaders is not that they are children. If there are over 300,000 people at the border and 57,000 are children it still leaves approximately 243,000 adult invaders. This means there are 4.26 adults per child.

articleClearance for Homes in Chennai are Delaying
by andria13 | in Home | 636 Views
Today, not only construction activities take place during night time in the city, but also approval of the buildings is happening during nights. Developers, who look for the building approvals from Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) and Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) is send to the house of the people who are in charge for this by around 10 pm to issue the clearance certificate after looking into all the provided information.

articleNew Spurt of Growth Impacts the Properties in Chrompet
by Jason54321 | in Business and Profession | 545 Views
Are you planning to own a home in Chennai, trot towards the south? If yes, then Chrompet a southern suburb seems to be bustling with the residential activities.

articleHow to make your girlfriend crazy for you once again?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 342 Views
If your girlfriend is not giving you the preference and time as she used to give, it is definitely a time for you to think about the shortcomings that has developed this kind of dullness in your relationship. You can make a comeback only if you have a strong feeling to bring the craze in the relationship once again

articlePreventing Plagiarism of Our Content
by raaman | in Computers and Internet | 561 Views
Today, internet penetration has increased enormously giving free and easy access to other’s content.

articleIndustrial Marking & Coding Solution For Food Manufacturers in India
by muddassir14 | in Business and Profession | 455 Views
The variety of food packaging environments and applications requires a diverse range of coding and marking solutions.Videojet Printers can be used in the applications for marking & coding like paperboard cartons, tray & tub, flexible plastic, foil bags, pouches,liquid containers, metal cans

articleHow can you deal with a Husband who is Over deamnding?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 453 Views
Why a marriage does fail? Why people do not leave their over demanding habits in a marriage? To make a relationship work better and last longer, both the partners need to understand and realize the perception of a marriage and should not bear any undue hardship.

articleWhy looking for a relation online is a Bad Idea?
by rpadmendra | in Relationships | 499 Views
Dating online may be a fun for every one of us, but it will always be a short time pleasure as chances are more to be cheated on. Because until we meet a person physically and verify his character, we are likely to face a setback when dating online.

articleEasy Methods To Buy Sexy Plus Size Clothing
by VinnetteEGale | in Fashion | 732 Views
The biggest misconception of people is that that plus sized individuals can't dress up in attractive outfits and that they are destined to be dressed in baggy and old-fashioned clothing. There's nothing like that. Plus sized individuals also can dress up in fashionable and stylish clothes. But for this they should understand their body shape correctly in addition to understanding a variety of additional stuff like what sort of cloth and prints to be dressed in, what styles will show off their cu

by Brent | in Law and Government | 921 Views
I write to correct the fraud and replace misinformation with, truth, fact and history. In salt Lake City a number of “writers” openly lie and deceive readers in the rant and rave section. I have been contributing in this open forum as well, but sometimes CL refuses to post my articles. I am left to post small innocuous rants, and refer readers to my article. The following is thr article Craigslist refused to post.