Articles from June 2014 (5):

articleRental Value for Chennai Homes for Rent remains constant
by andria13 | in Home | 650 Views
Today, commercial sector in Chennai is mainly driven by foreign corps. Due to this, office space everywhere in the metro is on increasing process over past two years.

by Brent | in Law and Government | 563 Views
So which is it? Does old bommy, liberal demi-god, all-knowing, all-seeing know what happened in Iran and other parts of the hidden world, including Benghazi, or does he know nothing?

articleVijayawada and its Real Estate Market
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Business and Profession | 2359 Views
Ever since the split of Andhra Pradesh into Telengana and Seemandhra, Vijayawada’s name is doing the rounds of becoming the possible capital of Andhra Pradesh. Even though there is good connectivity and sufficient physical and social infrastructure here, it still needs to prepare itself for escalating prices of real estate and government land unavailability.

articleState Split Boosts Real Estate in Hyderabad
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 1283 Views
Real estate market is one which is full of ups and downs. One never knows when it will experience a setback and when will it experience a high time. Even then real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses of this era.

articleHow Coding & Marking Improves The Technology Of Packaging On Dairy Products
by muddassir14 | in Business and Profession | 498 Views
For dairy producers, short product shelf life and an intense focus on cleanliness creates inherent pressures on your packaging operations. Add in changing packaging designs and expanding product flavors and variety, and the increased production changeovers adds further complexity