Articles from July 2013 (5):

by Brent | in Law and Government | 1076 Views
Why are so many "intelligent " people so baffled by the issues regarding immigration? Is the controversy truly about immigration or is immigration a diversion? What is immigration? What are the issues? Would it help to know?

articleWhat makes your customers keep coming back
by Murtaza | in Business and Profession | 1513 Views
There might be so many customers that you see today but you never get to see them ever again in your business. I know how depressing this can be especially if you thought that they would come back. Every business person in Kenya knows how important it is to have customers who keep coming to your business place regularly. This is because with such customers, you can start calculating a regular stream of income depending on what items they buy each day and how much they cost. The following are som

articleThe Uses and Benefits of Castor Oil
by raaman | in Health and Nutrition | 498 Views
Castor oil is fatty oil obtained from castor seeds.

articleObesity Affects our Brain Function
by raaman | in Health and Nutrition | 534 Views
Obesity later in life will bring you a higher risk of brain decline, research suggests.

articleScrap Yards Near Me
by naik4 | in Business and Profession | 587 Views
Scrap Yards Located at nearby distance helps in developing the metal scrap trading business. Locals are to sell their metal junks to these yards and recycling plants purchase directly from them to meet their requirement for production of steel.