Articles from December 2013 (10):

articleCDMA and GSM Handsets
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 1222 Views
GSM and CDMA are the two common technologies of cell phones used in the present day mobile industry. There has always been a debate amongst mobile users about which technology is better to use when it comes to choosing between a CDMA and GSM cellphone.

articleSmartphones With Jellybean Under INR 10000
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 1535 Views
Most people want to own the latest gadgets available in the market. However, the latest gadgets are also quite expensive which is why they are out of the reach of most people. There are some companies which are trying to bring the latest technology to the masses at an affordable price.

articleBuying Your Own Villa in Delhi
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 1823 Views
Delhi is the city of the rich and powerful. Politicians, businessmen, sportspersons and other hot shots of the country have a house in Delhi. Delhi can be divided in to two distinct parts- North and South Delhi.

articleRenting a Commercial Property in Kolkata
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Business and Profession | 474 Views
If you are planning to start a business, you need to have your own space to set up an office. It can be an apartment or a commercial property. However, you need to be able to lay it out in such a way that your employees can come to work here and you can attend to your esteemed clients.

by Brent | in Law and Government | 879 Views
There isn't a single republican congress man or woman that would expect democrats to abandon their constituents but the democrats, in the minority, have somehow twisted the discussion to make republicans and the public believe that republicans are doing something wrong

articleBeating Recession Blues With Online Classifieds
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 465 Views
Tired of going around from one office to another in search of a job? Devastated by the impact of the global recession in the job market? Not sure where to find your desired job? Looking for jobs but do not know where to find them? Clueless about how and where to apply for jobs in your ideal field of operation?

articleBenefits Of Part Time Jobs
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 435 Views
The job market is reeling under the effects of economic depression and other volatile market conditions. This has also had a negative effect on the direct hiring of employees. Workforce demands have steadily increased over time due to modernization and increasing costs of living.

articleHow To Buy Used Mobile Phones Easily
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 1207 Views
Used mobile phones are not easy to purchase in today’s times. A thriving grey market exists, making it difficult to identify a top notch, high quality cell phone that fits all your needs.

articleTips On Retaining Your Job In Today’s Times
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 784 Views
Jobs are hard to come by in the present economy. The recession and other market factors have led to a distressing professional environment globally.

by Brent | in Law and Government | 1341 Views
Written in response to KSL “NEWS” article, “Rep. Jim Matheson says he won't run for re-election in 2014” Why tell us now? Is Matheson not going to work for his last two years in office? Nope. He plans to campaign. This is the first part, rewriting history, or writing history to serve politicians.