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by Brent | in Law and Government | 1041 Views
Yes, this is Bill Maher, looking just like those he attacks. So, is Maher an enemy to his own kind? That is a question the educated sub-intellects will have to ask one day. but this does not address the “humor” of political assault and discrimination

articleMake Money Online
by anthony | in Business and Profession | 4558 Views
learn the way most people are making money online today by doing one of these four simple things you can put extra cash in your pocket. Earning money online is the future because it make it possible for any body to make money hands free

articleBuy Used Mobile Phones With Elan
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 547 Views
It is impossible to imagine life without a mobile phone. A mobile phone is a value addition to any individual. You can easily buy a mobile phone nowadays. However, there has been a strong division between feature mobile phones and smartphones.

articleBuy An Inverter As An Alternative Power Source
by RayWashindkar | in Home | 589 Views
Nothing can be a more galling experience than to face a power cut when you have something really important at your disposal. The sudden breakdown of power makes you feel that you are in Stone Age.The solution for this sorry state is to resort to alternative sources of power that will support all the electrical equipment, be it in your home or office.

articleFactors to Consider Before Buying Property
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Business and Profession | 556 Views
Buying property is not just an investment but also taking a step towards building that dream home you have always wanted. Selecting the right property for your home and your future requires financial planning and a lot of other factors must be taken into consideration to ensure that it turns out to be a fruitful investment.

articleChoosing a Watch as a Gift for Someone
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Fashion | 611 Views
Thinking of great gift ideas can become very difficult after a certain point of time. You don’t want to give the same old clichéd gifts and at the same time you feel like you’ve run out of ideas. If you want your gift to be unique try gifting a watch.

articleGuide to Real Estate in Delhi
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Business and Profession | 1654 Views
Real estate in India itself has undergone rapid changes in the past decade with demand skyrocketing in very little time. In a metropolis like Delhi, with the growth of BPO sectors, IT sectors and further industrialisation the whole scenario changed.

articleBecoming a DJ in Kolkata
by AvinashBhosale | in Events and Holidays | 556 Views
In terms of entertainment events, Kolkata seemed to be the last city on every event manager’s mind. However, after the blockbuster show by international rock band “Poets of the Fall” last year in the city, people’s perception is changing. A lot of people want to organize musical events in the city and DJ nights. There are a number of clubs in posh areas of the city like Shakespeare Sarani, Park Street and Camac Street and clubs present here organize Kolkata Event- Party Planner- DJ night

articleCare Taking Services for Family Members
by AvinashBhosale | in Business and Profession | 444 Views
Most families have working couples nowadays. Earlier, women used to stay at home to take care of the kids and the elderly while men would be out working. But now, women need to work as well in order to maintain a certain lifestyle. Unless there are two pay packets coming home, keeping the kitchen fire burning is very difficult.

articleHiring an Ayah to Take Care of Your Family
by AvinashBhosale | in Business and Profession | 480 Views
Most families need more than one earning member in order to maintain a plush and comfortable lifestyle. Earlier, the man of the house would go to work while the women would stay at home to take care of the food and other comforts. But now, women also need to work in order to support the family.

articleLooking Your Best for Any Occasion
by AvinashBhosale | in Fashion | 498 Views
Nowadays, it is very important to look your best in order to make a good impression. Even at work, no matter how good an employee you are in terms of sincerity, punctuality and work quality, getting promoted would be difficult if you do not work on your presentation. People are putting in an effort to look their best for any occasion. Teenagers in school too have become much aware. This is one of the reasons why beauty parlours and salons are doing so well.

articleSelling Your Car Before Moving Out of a City
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 978 Views
When one needs to move out of a city, they need to take care of a number of things. They have to clear unpaid bills, close bank accounts and sell of old stuffs. Selling off one’s car would probably be the toughest thing that one has to do. A lot of memories and sentiments are attached with a car which is why it would be heart wrenching to sell it off. Nevertheless, one would want to get a good amount out of the deal that they are making.

articleSome Cars Which Are Friendly with Your Monthly Budget
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 663 Views
Buying a car is not a one-time affair. Not only do you need to pay for the vehicle, but also for the road taxes, insurance, fuel and other maintenance work. Fuel is very expensive in India and therefore, you need to choose the fuel for your car carefully. If you go for a petrol operated car, then you will have to spend less on purchasing the car, but the expenses on fuel will be high.

articleSUVs That You Can Buy in Bangalore
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 845 Views
If you are a car enthusiast, then nothing would give you more pleasure than driving around in a SUV. Karnataka has got good roads and there are many places near Bangalore that can be driven to like Hampi and Coorg. Owning a SUV is not only a driver’s pleasure, but it is also utilitarian to the family.

articleThings to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Used Car
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 784 Views
If you are convinced about buying used car Mumbai, then you should know that there are certain things to keep in mind when you are buying a used car.

articleWhy Should You Buy a Second Hand Car?
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 537 Views
Many people aspire to buy a four wheeler for their families. They would like to take these cars for long drives or to attend occasions in places that are not well connected through public transport. In India, a car still is a part of one’s status symbol.

articleTips on Buying Used Cars
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 690 Views
Buying a car is never an easy decision to make. It demands time, energy and careful perusal of the options before you. Alongside, you should always do your own research as to the particular car models you desire.

articleSteer Clear of Monetary Hassles While Buying Your Car
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 632 Views
Buying your car can entail loads of monetary hassles. Cars are not easy to maintain as well these days. There are loads of expenses involved that make the price of your car seem significantly larger all of a sudden.

articleBuy Your Dream SUV in Chandigarh
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 773 Views
Buying an SUV is a dream possessed by most individuals. SUV’s stand out on account of many factors. They are big, powerful and ideal for Indian roads. SUV’s are the best vehicles for all types of terrain. They are ideal for hilly terrain, highway driving and city roads as well.

articleWeight Loss With Bicycles
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 771 Views
Bicycles are a fun way to use as a form of exercise. It is an aerobic form of exercise.Apart from knowing to ride a bike, there really isn’t much to learn or acquire skills to perform this form of exercise.

articleBuying a Printer For Office Use
by RayWashindkar | in Business and Profession | 489 Views
Offices need to have printers so that they can print documents as and when needed. If you do not have a printer in office, then you will face a lot of trouble because you will have to keep going out to get stuffs printed. It would be quite time consuming and you will have to hire a subordinate to do the job.

articleStaying Connected With Your Friends Through Your Smartphones
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 706 Views
There is no denying the importance of a smart phone in today’s era. Smart phones are used by everyone, right from school students to retired personnel. Smartphones allow you to stay in touch with friends and family, sort out work issues and relax yourself.

articleBudget Smartphones 2013
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 536 Views
The abundance of smartphones in the market can be overwhelming and also confusing when you’re planning to buy one. Selecting the right smartphone for you can be determined by a number of factors like budget, phone specifications, size etc. The following are a list of some budget smartphones currently popular in the market.

articleEssentials of a Well Set-Up Office
by RayWashindkar | in Business and Profession | 590 Views
An office is a place where people go to work and for working efficiently, you need to have everything organized. From a well-stocked canteen or pantry to working photocopying machines, everything needs to be there. Your office should be such that your employees do not need to run outside to get stationaries.

articleKeeping Your Office Protected From Intruders
by RayWashindkar | in Business and Profession | 480 Views
You need to keep your office protected at all times of the day. It is a storehouse of important documents, money and other expensive items. Since many people visit an office, pinpointing an offence that has been committed is quite difficult.

articlePoint and Shoot Cameras and DSLRs - Which One to Pick?
by RayWashindkar | in Games and Entertainment | 985 Views
Photography has gripped a large part of the population and social networking websites have a large contribution to it. Most people click photos, edit them on Picasa to add brightness or increase the sharpness of the photograph to make it appear warm and then upload it on Facebook.

articleInstalling Wireless Door Intercom in Homes
by RayWashindkar | in Home | 701 Views
As crimes and mishaps are increasing with each passing day, there is great possibility of being insecure even within the premises of your home.When someone comes to your house, having a peephole viewer may not always seem sufficient, because with a peephole, you can only see the person standing on the other side.

articleAntiques for Decorating Your Homes
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 650 Views
Vintage is the new trend that has taken over all aspects of our lifestyle including fashion. Everyone loves something unique for one’s home interiors and with improving technology playing a major role in our lives, exclusive designs are much in demand.

articleDifferent Kinds of Travel Bags
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Events and Holidays | 891 Views
Journeys and holidays are a part of one’s life and those who love travelling will always find themselves in need of the few basic travel essentials required for every journey or holiday trip one makes. Luggage and bags are a part of this travel kit.

articleGetting Personalized Gifts Made For your Friends, Colleagues and Family
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Travel, Places and Culture | 879 Views
Most of us tend to buy something from the local gift stores in a hurry when we have to go to a birthday party. However, these gifts lack a personal touch and hence are not memorable to the person you are gifting it to.

articleDecorating Your Homes With Artwork
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 1686 Views
Any form or art or painting is a creation and medium of expression. Decorating the interiors of your home or office with beautiful art work can add a great finishing touch and uniqueness.

articleDoing Up One’s House Aesthetically
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 1162 Views
It is very important to live in a house that is organized and uncluttered otherwise you will feel depressed and experience a lack in will to carry on. To make a house your home, a lot needs to be done.

articleFind Proper Accommodation in a New City
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 522 Views
Finding accommodation in a new city can be pretty troublesome for visitors for outside. Many a time, people come to new cities for work or other pursuits. They have to stay for longer periods at a stretch at times.

articleGet Hold of Affordable Service Apartments With Ease
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 686 Views
There are a variety of service apartments that are available for rent these days. However, they may seem a little too expensive for mid-level customers. Companies do not often send executives with a plethora of benefits.

articleOne Roomed Apartment Divider Tips
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 1955 Views
One roomed apartments or more commonly known as studio apartments are a cheap living option for single people. Usually when living in a city away from your home, one has to look for cheap accommodation that suits the person’s budget.

articleRenting Out An Apartment in Bangalore- Norms and Conditions
by PratyushKhanvilkar | in Home | 797 Views
Most home owners in Bangalore are renting out their houses or apartments to students and IT professionals. Every year, a large number of people move to the city to study or work which has led to a continuous demand in accommodation and housing facilities.

articleMaking a Career in Marketing
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 487 Views
A popular career option among students pursuing graduation, marketing serves to be a promising field with good job opportunities and a scope for improvement in career over the years.

articleFind Career Guidance for Your Successful Future
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 1064 Views
Competition levels are extremely high in the present day and being focused is essential for students. But how can one focus when he or she is not sure of what to take up or if they are not confident about their choice?

articleHow To Impress Recruiters
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 480 Views
It’s the job season once again and aspirants are gearing up for a tough ride ahead. The job market is increasingly competitive these days and finding a good job is not as easy as it looks. How do you land a good job?

articleWhere To Look For Work From Home Jobs
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 465 Views
Work from home jobs abound on the internet these days. There are a plethora of jobs available for enthusiasts. Working from home is the new mantra for young professionals eager to make a fast buck or two under this system.

articleVocational Education in India
by SulokshnaLaha | in Education | 859 Views
Vocational education enables a person to learn a new job skill or trade. Instead of formal education and degrees, many people undertake vocational training to quickly learn new trade skills and acquaint with the job market.

articleAchieving A High Percentile In CAT
by SulokshnaLaha | in Education | 689 Views
To get into a good business school, the first step is to clear the common admission test or CAT. Once you clear CAT with a high percentile, you will get calls from good business schools like IIMs and IBSs.

articleFurthering Your Education Through Distant Courses
by SulokshnaLaha | in Education | 1154 Views
In order to have a well-paying job and a high standard of living, you need to have good qualifications academically. To secure a decent job, one at least needs to be a graduate. However, there may be many circumstances in life because of which we might have to quit education.

articleAccounting Jobs and its Continued Demand
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 515 Views
The demand for accountants exist in every company because every business firm, small and big require accountants to keep records of taxes, profits, losses, overhead expenditure and all sorts of related accounting work.

articleIndustrial Engineering Jobs and Requirments
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 422 Views
: Industrial engineers are engaged in jobs that require monitoring of production in industries, estimating project costs, reviewing of product designs and checking for its feasibility, monitoring of production standards, delegation of duties amongst industrial workers and ensuring the execution of delegated work within a stipulated time frame etc.

articleFulfilling Your Dreams of Flying in the Sky
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 394 Views
As children, we all looked up at the sky to see birds fly about and wish for wings. Well, improbable wishes cannot be granted but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly. Very few of us have the ability or the backing to become a pilot to fly a plane in the sky. But you can certainly join as cabin crew for an airline.

articleJoining a Company as a Fresher
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 477 Views
Most fresh students have the trouble of finding employment. Companies seldom want to hire fresher students because of their lack of experience. Companies would have to train them in the basics before they are of any use to them.

articleTaking Up a Job as a Teacher
by SulokshnaLaha | in Business and Profession | 457 Views
Teaching is a noble profession and it requires a lot of skill to become teachers. You need to have in depth understanding of the topics you will be teaching and you need to have a lot of patience.

articlePurchasing Second Hand Cars
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 981 Views
While the market for second hand cars is yet to develop, many Indians are realising the need for a car in the present times and are looking for budget options. Some users prefer to replace their cars frequently within a few years while looking for the latest and newly launched car models.

articleBikes Available in the Indian Market Under Rs 70,000
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 1994 Views
Bikes are an important mode of transport in India. They are swift and they can move through even the narrowest lanes effortlessly. For a family of two or a family with two adults and a child, owning a bike is a good idea. Most households in India own bikes.

articleTop 3 150cc Bikes in India
by AvinashBhosale | in Automotive and Transportation | 1879 Views
Bikes are one of the most important modes of transport in the country. They are swift and can glide through the winding lanes and hardly take any space for parking. A family of 2 or a family with a small child can easily travel on a bike.